Max Steiner is not qualified to represent Butte County to the rest of the country – LaMalfa for Congress Dist 1

14 Oct

Well, I’m still waiting for my ballot, but I’ve already know I won’t be voting for Max Steiner. The biggest problem with Steiner, is that he has nothing to show for himself, except his military service. Sorry, what does that have to do with performing the duties of a congressional seat? He makes a lot of promises, but we have no record of achievement from this man.

Here’s another problem – “born and raised in Sacramento”. Doug LaMalfa was born and raised on a farm in Butte County, and grew up in a small rural town, which is typical of most of his district. I’ve spoken to LaMalfa at local gatherings, and not just at election time. His father was a rice farmer who ran in the same circles as my grandfather. His kids had the same driver’s training teacher as my kids. He’s a local, that means a lot to me.

Steiner says he will support the recent John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act – I don’t support that act, and I really don’t like the districts that have come about as a result. I think it’s an attempt to water down votes and make it easier for unqualified people to get elected, as well as pass poor measures with fewer votes. I do believe there is prevalent voter fraud in our country, but that starts and end with the county clerk, and that’s who should be worried about it. If you think you have been wrongfully disenfranchised go to Oroville and take it up with Candace Grubbs or her new replacement Keaton Denlay. But be ready for them to show you exactly why – you moved and didn’t report it, being the most common reason for coming up “disenfranchised” at election time. In this transient town, maybe the county should consider chipping voters, might save time and paperwork. And fraud.

Finally I’ll say, Steiner is an asshole, coming at LaMalfa with all kinds of accusations about the 2020 election – oh, please. You know what your problem is, Mr. Steiner, you have no game.

Here Craig’s mama tells us about game. Warning, there’s cussing and other mildly crude content in the following. But it’s all true.

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