This is not a solution, it’s a problem.

26 Oct
There used to be grass beyond this sidewalk, a peaceful creek side setting where a family might picnic, some friends might toss a Frisbee.
Who is paying for the trash bins?

We used to know a few people who lived in the neighborhoods along Humboldt Road, but now we hear from folks who are looking to move out of this neighborhood. They complain about the crime, the filthy condition of the park and creek, and the general atmosphere of mental illness.

As we drove past taking these pictures, we saw California State Police officers in their unmarked vehicles engaging some of the campers, I have no idea what they were talking about. I’d guess, since it’s a waterway? the state might have some jurisdiction.

We didn’t see porta potties, as much as I hate to pay for services for these people, I have to wonder – where do they go to the bathroom? And I’m not too sure we could ever provide enough trash bins to accommodate folks who just seem to create waste.

This isn’t a solution – chasing them from public area to public area, from neighborhood to neighborhood. This is just one camp – it spreads around town like a bad rash. Council signed the Shelter Crisis Declaration, and they need to repeal it. How can we talk about the rights of the “unhoused” without talking about the rights of those of us who thought if we worked hard and obeyed the laws we’d be protected from predators? These people have been allowed to invade and conquer public spaces that belong to all of us – but let’s not forget what happened to three ladies who tried to attend a public meeting during a fascist shutdown.

A yes vote for Measure H is a vote for more money down the Homeless Industrial Complex rabbit hole. Please vote No on H.

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