City of Chico wants to impose a new Sewer Tax – they’re not just raising rates, they’re “changing the process for sewer service charges”. Affected property owners have until January 17 to make written protest to City Council

5 Dec

Maybe you received a notice – the city of Chico wants to base sewer rates on your water usage. Simply put, they want to charge you another $1.22 for every ccf you buy from Cal Water.

This is called “consumption based” rate. Here’s an article from San Francisco about their proposal, which includes a low-income subsidy.

If a majority of property owners don’t protest this grab, council will pass it. I know, they just passed a sales tax measure. They placed a franchise fee on our trash service a few years ago, already having a franchise fee on our PG&E and Comcast service. They also collect a 5 percent “Utility Tax” on our PG&E, Cal Water (which includes your sewer bill), and land line bills.

Here’s a question for your council rep – will the new rates be subject to Utility Tax? Cause then you’d be paying UT twice on the same amount of water, and that really sounds like a grab.

Again, we only have until January 17 to make WRITTEN PROTEST of this forever change in our sewer rates. Write those letters now, emails will be rejected.

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