Chico lies and the liars who are telling them: Chief Aldridge, how does “mandatory” overtime cause burnout when CPOA demands it in the contract and officers get paid for overtime they don’t work? Read the contract folks – the police chief’s pants are about to combust.

26 Mar

I had an argument with a local gadfly recently, over potholes. Well, read Frances Perata’s letter in today’s ER – wow, he really nails it. The street repairs the city is offering in return for their one cent sales tax increase are a total joke – pothole patches, like Perata observes, last about two days, before they are spread all over the undersides of people’s cars. And look at the streets they are talking about doing pothole patches – Cedar? There’s no surface left on that street, what will they be patching?

My grandmother used to darn the holes in our socks, and she’d be quick to say, “there’s nothing left to darn here”, and buy us some new socks. Likewise, here’s nothing left to patch in older neighborhoods all over Chico, where streets need to be completely scraped down and resurfaced. Pothole patches are a total insult to all of us who pay property taxes, apparently for nothing more than the privilege of living here. Taxes are just a shakedown in Chico, where the pension deficit created by unrealistic and unsustainable employee compensation has become a financial black hole.

Hey, you renters pay property taxes too – especially those of you who rent from Mom and Pop. Did you know, the recent sewer rate increase was only for single family homeowners? That includes any non-commercial rentals. Commercial rentals actually got a decrease in their sewer rates – they will not be paying the extra charge for consumption of water, as will those who live in regular single family homes.

Yes, it’s all about the pensions. Let me ask a question – how many of you have read any of the contracts our council has made with the unions? Read the police contracts. I had to laugh out loud when I saw our new police chief on the news the other night, complaining about “mandatory overtime”. You might have read this old post I made three years ago – read it again.

Public safety employees are guaranteed a certain amount of overtime. They call it “mandatory” overtime, but that doesn’t mean the employee is forced to work that OT, it means the city is forced to pay them for it. And, here’s the thing – the department (union) demands a lot more overtime than they need, and the employee ends up with un-worked OT hours (hang on the twists get wild). The employee can choose to exchange those un-worked OT hours for “Compensated Time Off” ( CTO ). Meaning, time off with pay. Un-huh – paid for overtime they didn’t need to work in the first place. 

Now before you accuse me of misinforming anybody, you need to read the contracts for yourself. In fact, don’t even come back to the table on this one if you haven’t read the contracts, posted here.

Then use “control F” to search “CTO” or “STO” and you’ll find it. Yes, they demand a certain amount of overtime, and when it’s not used, they get paid for it in a scheme that will make your head spin. Listening to Chief Aldridge made my head spin – like my husband said, he was lying through his teeth, you could tell by his body language. Watch the video here while it’s still posted:

“It’s a competitive process getting people now. We’ve had to come up with mandatory overtime and with mandatory overtime creates burnout and this job already has a burnout period, so now we’re expediting that burnout period,” he said. “This generation of people coming into law enforcement want their time off and that’s more valuable to them than money so that’s the challenge you know the welfare of your officers.”

Aldridge, whose pants should have burst into flames during that interview, also claimed the department is short of staff, even while admitting they hired 19 new officers since Jan 2022. What a fucking liar, and he knows he’s lying, cause you can see on the video he’s nervous as a cat. I’ll guess, this idiot doesn’t even understand his own contract, and they just put him in charge of the police department.

2 Responses to “Chico lies and the liars who are telling them: Chief Aldridge, how does “mandatory” overtime cause burnout when CPOA demands it in the contract and officers get paid for overtime they don’t work? Read the contract folks – the police chief’s pants are about to combust.”

  1. Scott Rushing March 26, 2023 at 1:17 pm #

    Excellent information about Choico PD, Juanita. Why do the residents of Chico, 100,000+, allow 100+/- peace officers to control the city budget, 50%+, and the politicians?

    • Juanita Sumner March 26, 2023 at 6:23 pm #

      Thanks Scott, we have to tell the voters what’s going on.

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