Weird survey is NOT from City of Chico

2 Apr

Well, here’s a weird post – did you get a text message regarding “City of Chico Issues”? I didn’t, but I heard about it from various people – including my husband, and my son, who doesn’t live here. I immediately suspected it was from the city. I didn’t like the format, it was sent directly to my husband’s phone, and only one person could respond. Furthermore, the first question seemed inappropriate, asking when and how the respondent would be voting. The second question was completely leading, – “do you like the direction in which Chico is heading?” – yes or no.

I’m sorry to say, after the way the city handled the sewer rate “change” (perpetual increase), I don’t trust them anymore, and yeah, I suspected some underhanded shenanigans. So I probably came off as pretty accusing when I asked my city rep Kasey Reynolds about it. I was surprised with her pleasant response – on a Sunday when she should be shoveling Easter candy out the door, she takes time to respond to little old me? Apparently I was not the first person to ask about this thing. Reynolds forwarded the city clerk’s response, “The survey is not being conducted by the City of Chico. It appears to be a survey regarding ‘City of Chico issues’ with nothing indicating that the survey is from the city of Chico. Additionally, I do not see a City of Chico logo or identifying information.

Reynolds went on to say, “I’m not exactly sure who is doing the survey, I received it also. My understanding is it’s being don’t to gather information about Valleys Edge given the questions asked.” She could be right – council will apparently take the referendum to the ballot – when I have no idea – and both sides will be pouring money into polling the public to help shape their competing campaigns. Knowing whether we’ll vote by mail or in person, and whether we approve or don’t approve of our council, will help them not only run their campaigns but maybe help them vet candidates for council in ’24.

This is a dogfight that has been years in the making. Brouhard and his partners have owned that land for years, planning to make a big killing by developing housing on it. The opponents are folks who’ve come from overcrowded decaying cities to make Chico their last Small Town stand. Many of them have lived here for a long time, but they aren’t as connected as Brouhard and his partners, who’ve had their hands in county, city and CARD business for 20 years or more. They know everybody who is in any position of power, including the unelected power brokers on important commissions, both state and local.

My dog in this fight is my Quality of Life. Yeah, they’re already doing the roadwork this thing will require, and it’s shutting down Bruce Road already. There’s only a few ways to get to that retail area, where my husband and I do most of our shopping – Bruce, Forest and the freeway. All of those will shut down during the building of this “city within a city”, and wow, wait til people start moving in.

Shopping in Chico is already getting pretty lackluster. Prices are higher than outlying communities, gas is more expensive, and there’s not much selection. Buying online is a natural selection – more choices, more competitive pricing, and Amazon gives you not only free shipping but streaming tv and movies. There’s no traffic, and no bums breaking in to your car while you’re in the store, or lurking outside the door to steal your purse.

If you really want to send the city of Chico a message, stop shopping in Chico, they’ll know by the end of the second quarter.

One Response to “Weird survey is NOT from City of Chico”

  1. Becca Jon Cerveri April 4, 2023 at 2:50 pm #

    City of Chico should be concerned that this survey APPEARS to come from them. Even the chosen green background looks like the city…content makes it sound like the city. SO, city says it’s not them and that’s it? l really want to know who sent this. I’ll assume Reynolds “quality of life in Chico” group would also fall under the city’s not us stance? That group was my first thought.

    A quick run through SurveyMonkey and I found this… “Who sent this survey?

    A SurveyMonkey user sent you a text message invitation to take a survey. The sender is required to include their company name in the text message.”

    So, curiosity and suspicion continue to mount for me. Whoever generated and sent this survey violated SurveyMonkey’s Acceptable Uses Policy by not stating company name as well as not having asked permission to text numbers on their list. Check it out… “How did you get my phone number?

    SurveyMonkey users provide their own list of phone numbers. We ask all users to confirm they have permission to contact these phone numbers before they’re able to send text message invitations and require that they include their company name to identify themselves.”

    Catch that? Their OWN list with confirmation of permission to contact. This survey talks about making Chico better and yet it was sent to people who don’t live here and are not on city or county tax or election rolls. I’m thinking all who received this invite for survey should connect to find our common link. Apparently, we are all together on someone’s list! It will help figure out who or what group sent this survey our way.

    And the plot thickens…

    Becca Jon Cerveri

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