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In 2019 I hope people will pay attention to their legislators and get more involved

2 Jan

The top search in my stats for months now has been “Kamala Harris sucks”, or variations thereof.  I get a lot of hits on an old  blog in which I chastised the current senator and former California Attorney General for letting former CPUC president Michael Peevey off the hook for inappropriate relations with various utility companies.

Coincidentally, the second biggest search I’ve had lately is about a bill being proposed  by  Southern California legislator Chris Holden that would allow PG&E to make customers pay the  fines for wildfires that have been found to be the result of poor maintenance of PG&E infrastructure.


Holden only filed his proposal a month or so ago, but I’m watching for it.  Which brings me to a new online source I’ve found that everybody should know about, the Calfornia Legislative Information site:


It’s easy to use – even if the bill has not received a number yet, all you need is the name of the legislator who proposed it, or you can try using key words for a search.

This morning I wanted to check the status of a bill proposed in 2017 that would have exempted school teachers from paying income tax. I would tell you what I think of such a proposal but it would be moot – when I  checked the bill status website I found it had “died” earlier this year. Without a whimper, apparently.

That bill had been mentioned on the tv news, as was Holden’s recent proposal. I try to keep my notebook handy when I’m watching the news, these blurbs run by like skittering mice and disappear just as quickly. The media seldom follows legislation, by the time they report something, it’s over.

I believe early intervention in legislation is essential  – that is, pay attention, and write to your legislators right away to let them know how you feel about this stuff. I’m going to guess the bill that would have let teachers skip on paying taxes went down because some legislators knew their constituents weren’t going to stand for it.

Of course, that was before the recent election, which has led to Democrats thinking they own the planet.  Get ready for some reeeealllly outrageous behavior in Sacramento – think “Philadelphia, NFC Championship 2018″. 

In 2019 I hope you will resolve to pay attention and get involved. No more bitching after it’s over.


Assemblyman to introduce legislation to let PG&E off the hook for the Camp Fire – they’ve already been allowed to pass the Santa Rosa fires off onto the ratepayers

24 Nov


With Christmas right around the corner, I’d like to start a new tradition: The Scrooge Awards

Let me make a few nominations, you send yours, we’ll have a cup of cheer and vote the winner on Christmas Eve. 

Candidate Number One: PG&E – I think you know why.

Candidate Number Two: Assemblyman Chris Holden (D, AD 41, northern San Gabriel Valley)

Maybe these two should be co-candidates, they’re thick as thieves. Holden is introducing a bill to let PG&E off the hook for wildfires they cause. I wish I could send them all a card – “Well Merry Christmas to you too, Assholes!”

From Insurance Journal:


“A bill that would help PG&E Corp. absorb liabilities from this year’s fatal wildfires in California is being drafted at the request of a state assemblyman who helped shepherd earlier legislation on the issue.”

Assemblyman Chris Holden is carrying this bill because, according to his staffer, “He is concerned about the instability of the utility and the adverse effect it could have on ratepayers and the ability to deliver services at a reasonable cost…” 

I don’t believe he’s worried about the ratepayers, I think he’s more worried about the effect it would have on PG&E shareholders.

“News of the bill sent PG&E shares up as much as 5.8 percent in after-hours trading. The stock has plunged by more than half since the Camp Fire broke out on Nov. 8.”

I know people here are mad, screaming for lawsuits, some already filed, but this piece of legislation could allow PG&E to pass their liability on to the taxpayers/ratepayers. That’s all of us, including the direct victims of the fire. 

“Holden’s bill may serve as a framework for lawmakers to consider relief for PG&E from the billions of dollars it faces in potential liability for death and property damage in Northern California’s Camp Fire, the deadliest in state history.”

They’ve already got away with passing the fines for the Santa Rosa fires on to the ratepayers. 

“In response to deadly fires in 2017, lawmakers approved a legislative package that allows PG&E to sell bonds backed by customers [ratepayers] to cover liabilities.”

We need to pay attention, write our state lawmakers, write letters to the editor, tell friends to do same. This legislation should be sneaking around in early 2019, and needs a two/thirds vote to pass. If they think we’re not paying attention they’ll do the bidding of their benefactors at PG&E.

Here’s another article from the San Jose Mercury News: