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Our local government just a cesspool with a revolving door

13 Feb

Read this story from the Territorial Dispatch – remind you of anybody?


“Sutter County Community Services Director Danelle Stylos, 60, was arrested on Feb 1, 2017 by District Attorney Investigators for making false statements, providing false information, perjury and voter fraud. She was booked into Sutter County jail and released on $25,000 bail. “

I am immediately reminded of former City of Chico Finance Director Jennifer Hennessy.


Like Stylos, Jennifer Hennessy left her job right before the shit hit the fan.

The city of Chico, former employer of Temecula Finance Director Jennifer Hennessy, is facing a huge budget deficit that was covered up for months by city management, according to a Butte County Grand Jury report released late last month.

Hennessy was hired by Temecula in late March.

People screamed for Hennessy to be fired, arrested, tarred and feathered – instead, just like Stylos, she resigned and got a new job in another town. 

I think the major difference here was that Oakdale hired a sharper interim manager who really looked into the books and found improprieties.  Here, after a similar shake-up and several high-level forced resignations, Mark Sorensen and his council hired Brian Nakamura, a guy so up to his neck in his own problems, he decided to cut the losses and get rid of Hennessy to install his own friend, Chris Constantin, as finance manager. Constantin howled loudly about our “loosy goosy” finance management, but Hennessy was never charged with anything. 

Of course, Nakamura ended up leaving Chico as suddenly as  he appeared.


But Nakamura has a track record of relatively short stints on the job. He’s held 10 positions in the past 21 years.

“Looking at Brian’s employment history, he has this cycle of two or three years. That was a concern that we had,” Gruendl said.

Well, it didn’t take two years for the city of Rancho Cordova to figure Nakamura out, and he was forced to resign.

Rancho Cordova City Manager Resigns After Negative Performance Evaluation

Nakamura, a guy who always manages to land on his feet, wasn’t unemployed long.


Of course, former mayor Gruendl left Chico less than a year behind Nakamura in a shitstorm over his substance abuse, landing a high paying job in San Mateo County.


So, this man who used to scream about Chico being his “home town” until it was disclosed he had been in rehab a couple of times without telling either his Glenn County employers or his city of Chico constituents is now working for a county health department, specializing in re-hab? I  guess it takes an expert. 

These are the kind of people who work in “public service.”