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Something funny going on out at the airport again?

6 Feb

This year I’ve made a New Years Resolution to stay on top of the committees Downtown and try to attend more meetings.   And this year, instead of focusing on the Sustainability Task Force – which had so many ad hoc committees I could hardly keep up – I am going to try to get to some other meetings.  So, about three weeks ago, I started e-mailing the city clerk, requesting to be put on notifications lists for the various committees – Finance, Economic Development, Internal Affairs and Airport – so I don’t have to worry about missing meetings that I was interested in attending. I can’t always attend anyway, but it’s nice to have a three day heads up to think about it.

In past I’ve been on these lists, but for some reason, I’ve just been dropped after a while. I thought at first it was just because Lynda Cameron, the staffer who had been sending the notifications, was retired. Then I thought it was because I didn’t attend every single meeting. See, it’s not an onerous task to type in an e-mail address on a list-serve, but  it takes a physical act to remove somebody from one of those lists after they’ve been placed on it. I just don’t get why they keep dumping me from these lists.

And, this time, I don’t understand why it took me three weeks and a trail of e-mails to get put back on. In fact, I had to rattle chains down there constantly to get any response, and while I’ve finally managed to get confirmation on the Finance, Economic, and Internal Affairs lists, I’m still waiting to get on the Airport Commission list.

I originally asked to be put on that list January 17. I had to ask twice, and the second time, Debbie Presson tried to tell me she hadn’t received my first request . I let that one pass – I didn’t say, “Sorry Debbie Baby, the computer doesn’t lie!” She said she was forwarding my request to Debbie Collins, the staffer attached to the Airport Commission. I had to ask Presson because Collin’s contact info is not available on the city website.

Well, I have yet to get anything back on that. Since I made that request, the meeting scheduled for January 29 has been cancelled and rescheduled for February 12. I should be receiving some sort of notice of the Feb 12 meeting by Feb 8, but I’m not holding my breath.

Yes, I know, I could get up every morning and faithfully check the agendas schedule. That takes my time, people, and as you know, I don’t get paid for that time nor do I get it refunded at the end of the fiscal year. 

They have a notifications process, I’m asking to participate, somebody’s holding me out by the forehead.

Word press blogs come with stats pages. They tell you how many visitors you have every day and what they looked at.  Somebody, or bodies,  have been hitting the heck out of those posts I made about the airport, how badly it’s run, etc. And, the same somebodies? have also been searching the heck out of BT Chapman. BT was a member of the Sustainability Task Force, and I’ve criticized his actions on that committee. Now he’s been named to the Airport Commission. Is he trying to keep me out of those Airport Commission meetings because I’ve criticized him, or because I’ve criticized the airport? I’m just asking.