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Election 2018 took all the fun out of Democracy

6 Nov

Google reminds me this morning, “Go Vote!”

Go stuff a sock in your ass, Google! I voted two weeks ago, where have you been? 

But County Clerk Candy Grubbs says less than half the ballots she sent out have come back in. Wonder why? Cause people are disgusted and confused, is why. Just yesterday I talked to two elder Democrats who are not supporting Newsome, Denny or Feinstein, but can’t stomach their opponents either, so will not be voting in those races. These are people who have voted the Demo ticket since before I was born, and they say they’re just disgusted with the way this election has played out. They told me they are still out on many of the ballot measures too. 

They’re not alone.  Recently I talked to a young couple who say they are confused by many of the ballot measures and will probably not vote on any of them. I asked them to reconsider Prop 6, telling them if they read the description of the measure completely through they will be able to make a better decision. I don’t like to tell people how to vote, I try to tell them to educate themselves, but this election has been a textbook example of misleading and manipulating language and misinformation. 

And the press has been playing dirty too. I found a Yes on 6 letter in a Fairfield paper that had been titled “No on 6”. I wrote a note to the editor but have not received any answer. When I looked at comments below the letter I saw others who were asking why the title didn’t match the letter, but there it stands today, “No on 6”. 


At the Chico Enterprise Record, it’s a pretty clear case of advertising. While editor David Little finally endorsed Prop 6, he’s been running a really obnoxious “No on 6” drop down ad for weeks. 

I don’t know if I should tell this story, I have enough trouble getting the ER to run my letters, hate to piss them off further, but I’m kind of pissed off about being held off by the forehead. I started writing Prop 6 letters early, and I sent my last letter BEFORE Dick Little announced the deadline. He held my letter for over a week, then announced the deadline, and ran my letter AFTER the deadline.

When I called him on that, he told me I could have one more election related letter, “but not about Proposition 6, because then Vercruyssen will call foul and insist on another one as well. I don’t want to go down that road. “

And then I had a note from a friend who had sent in a Yes on 6 letter and hadn’t seen it for a couple of weeks. I asked Little about it – he’d been on vacation (?!),  hadn’t seen it. 

I’ll tell you what happened – it was “lost” while Little was on vacation, and Schlobover and Urpseny were running the paper. My friend had to resend, and I told him to be sure and cc Little. And there it was!

So, what I’m hearing is, there’s a split on the ER editorial board, and when the editor is away, his underlings do whatever they want – mainly pander to their advertisers. That’s journalism! 

This is the worst election I can remember, as far as deceptive advertising and terrible press coverage. I’m just holding on for tomorrow, when I can scrape the last crap mailers out of my mailbox and stuff them in my garbage can. 



Election Time – ask your supervisor candidates what they will do about Chico’s growing transient problem

30 Mar

Looks like some bum’s cache has been had over by other bums as well as animals. 

As soon as the weather turned warm we started noticing evidence of illegal camping in Bidwell Park. My husband came across this pile in the dense overgrowth between Bryant Avenue and Hwy 99 overpass, near the little Redwood grove north of Chico Creek. 

Look at all those bicycle rims.  My husband said there was a lot of copper wire in the pile, along with tools, spilling out of the old bike cart buried there in the mess. I think it’s safe to assume much of the stuff here has been stolen out of work vehicles or garages, sheds, whatever.

Yesterday the Enterprise Record ran an editorial – “Chico needs to stop going around in circles on crime problem…”   

What he misses is how the county exacerbates the problem  by bringing in homeless and mentally ill people for the $550 a day they bring with them. The county takes transfers from other counties, for the $550 a day, don’t be dumb. They can hold these people whether they want to be here or not, for 45 days. Without a calculator, that’s about $23,000, per person, every 45 days. According to Behavioral Health director Dorian Kittrell, that adds up to about $63 million a year. 

Now translate that $63 million into crazy people wandering our streets – just last night we heard this report on Ch 24 news:

Chico Calif.—On Wednesday March 28th Chico Police Officers were dispatched to a suspicious man on the 1800 block of East 8th Street.

 The reports said that the man was acting erratic, screaming and could be holding a knife.

The man fled from the officer and then turned back and headed toward the officer.

The officer successfully deployed his department issued Taser and struck the man.

The Taser was able to keep the man incapacitated until further police officers arrived on scene and put the person in custody.

During the attempts to place the man in custody, he violently bit and resisted an officer.

The man had to be placed in a full body restraint system known as a WRAP because of his continued violence.

It was determined that the man needed medical attention based on his behavior and was transported to a local hospital.

The man was admitted to the hospital due to health concerns.

He has not been identified at this time.

No, he hasn’t been identified, and I’m guessing we won’t hear much more about it. This guy bit a cop – that’s kinda crazy, wouldn’t you say?  These are the kind of people Butte County Behavioral Health is bringing here, holding for 45 days, and then releasing on their own recognizance. I’ve  been told they are offered a ride out of the “Puff” – psychiatric hospital – to any of several local shelters, but are not required to take it.

When a woman was found dead along Hwy 99 near Butte College Chico campus, I searched her name and found her last known contact with police was in Oroville, where she was reported by a resident to be wandering in a private yard muttering to herself. The police didn’t arrest her, but said they offered her a ride, which she refused. She wandered off into the night and the next anybody saw of her was a half rotted corpse laying in the bushes along the freeway.

I don’t think the system is working, do you? 

It’s a good question for your county supervisors – two Chico supes are up for re-election this year. Larry Wahl is running again, but Maureen Kirk has stepped aside. Four challengers have stepped up to take their seats, that’s good, they try harder when they have to jump and snap for it. 

District 2 incumbent Larry Wahl,   https://www.buttecounty.net/boardofsupervisors/SupervisorLarryWahl.aspx

Challenger Debra Lucero,   https://debralucero.us/

In District 3 there are 3 candidates:

Tami Ritter,   https://ritterforsupervisor.com/

Bob Evans,  https://bobevansforsupervisor.com/

Norm Rosene,  https://www.normrosene.com/