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Mickey Harrington will cost Butte County $400,000

5 Jan

I get frustrated with the Butte county clerk’s website because it’s just not as good or as easy to use as the city of Chico website. It’s hard to find anything, you just have to click everything and see if it leads where you want to go. Then, if you find what you want, you have to write down how you got there so you can find it again.

One handy resource the county clerk used to have on her website was a link by which you could check to see if your mail-in ballot had been received and was ‘good”, meaning, it is going to be counted. I’ve used it in the last two elections to comfort myself that at least the damn thing got to O-ville.

You wouldn’t believe what Albert at the post office did with my Christmas packages this year – yes Felix, it was the clerk who put the wrong labels on the packages and sent them to the opposite destinations, please tell your mom I am not the incompetent here! 

You think I’m going to trust the post office with my mail-in ballot after their abysmal history at delivering my packages?  

Back to business here – it is already too late to mail your mail-in ballot. I mailed mine over a week ago, so I feel somewhat secure. Well, not really. I’m going to call Candy Grubb’s office Monday to make sure they got it. 

This election stinks. They blame Logue and even Nielsen for this run-off – why isn’t Mickey Harrington willing to wake up, smell the coffee and CONCEDE? With only 27 percent of the vote in the last election, he says this election is “doable.”  He honestly expected to get Dan Logue’s endorsement after the November election, even after Logue had endorsed Nielsen when he dropped out of the race in October.  Harringtons simple-minded refusal to accept the will of the people, to me, is a sign that this guy isn’t playing with a full deck. But of course, there’s a quality that always seems to attract the liberals like a big turd attracts flies. 

What really stinks about this election is the timing – scheduled at will by Jerry Brown, right in the days after the holidays, bad weather, school starting up soon – all three conditions that conspire toward low voter turnout. This election could have been held as late as April,  but Brown thinks Harrington’s pathetic 27% will look beefier in a rigged election. 

Try doing your homework on these two – you will find that Nielsen has spoken at length on the issues when asked by various media sources, like the Sac Bee, where Harrington’s answers are “still unavailable”.  Later, when interviewed by the Enterprise Record, Harrington said he didn’t feel there was a need for pension reform? Wow, that’s pretty gutsy of him – or crazy, whichever. 

I felt good about my vote for Jim Nielsen. The people who have criticized Nielsen to me have been completely ignorant of the real issues and Nielsen’s record on those issues. They’ve criticized him because they’ve “heard he lives in a trailer in Gerber.”

From Wikipedia: A question of residency eligibility arose during his bid for the Assembly in 2008, because Nielsen owns 2 homes, one in the district he represents and one near the capitol, which is the custom of most legislators. Nielsen won the case and even received a judgment for court costs in the amount of $7,400 against Plaintiff Don Bird. Plaintiff appealed to the Secretary of State who then deferred to the State Attorney General. After reviewing the case, the Attorney General issued a letter on December 22, 2008, stating there was no evidence to warrant further investigation and the matter was closed. The Attorney General was Jerry Brown, a Democrat and former Governor of California.

There’s the legal end of it, from 2008, but people still dredge it up, because it’s the only real criticism they have. It’s not a real issue.  I don’t think the reference has as much to do with legal residency as with the notion that only white trash hicks live in trailers, or in Gerber. That’s the kind of people that vote Harrington – people who feel uncomfortable with the lifestyle we appreciate here, and can’t come up with anything better than the cheap potshots that littered Obama’s presidential campaign. 

The good news is, from the Colusa Sun Herald, “The Tuesday runoff between Republican Assemblyman Jim Nielsen and Democrat Michael “Mickey” Harrington may not be on the forefront of the public’s consciousness, but turnout is expected to be higher than election officials first predicted.”  According to their story, Butte County had already returned 28 percent of it’s mail-in ballots by December 28, Tehama had already received 25 percent, and Colusa 30 percent. 

Thanks to all those voters who voted early and I hope the rest will either get over to the county clerk’s office today (Saturday Jan 5) or to their polling place on Tuesday. Contact me if you need a ride, and I’ll try to accommodate you or get somebody else to do so. 

UPDATE:  I called the county clerk’s office – that’s (530) 538-6366 –  and talked to a gal who gladly checked not only my ballot but my husbands – both received, and “GOOD”!  I believe they are still open today, until 5pm, and then you can get them during regular business hours Monday and Tuesday, if you’re worried. I checked because I would have felt stupid if it was a close race, not knowing whether my ballot even made it in there.