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Don’t just believe what you read or hear about this recall, do your own research

29 Aug

This morning I saw a letter in the Enterprise Record from a regular letter-writer who stated, “So with money from outside our state supporting the recall of Newsom, we are spending millions of tax dollars to respond to this bogus claim of corruptness.” 

Yes, there have been claims of corruption against the Newsom administration, including his meeting with PG&E lobbyists at a closed restaurant to “broker a deal” for PG&E bankruptcy, as well as his mishandling of the Employment Department scandal. It’s true that proponents of the recall have charged the governor with corruption, and they have plenty of evidence to back up those claims. It’s also true that our state will spend millions of dollars on this election.

But where does the writer get her claim, “With money from outside our state supporting the recall of Newsom“? She does note explain. That’s a pretty serious charge, I had to search that. I found a couple of articles about the funding in this recall, and I didn’t see that anywhere. In fact, Cal Matters has this neat-o “live-tracker” that updates the information daily.

I was shocked to see how much disparity there is in the funding – “Supporters of the recall have raised approximately $8.0 million and opponents have raised about $62.2 million.” According to the LA Times, if you include money raised by candidates for governor, the YES figure is $32.6 million.

But I found nothing about any “money from outside our state supporting the recall of Newsom” Anybody else?

Here’s why I’m asking – when he announced a limit and a cut-off date for recall letters, Enterprise Record Editor Mike Wolcott posted a list of rules, including, “We don’t print purported facts that can’t be independently verified. When using facts, cite a source. We don’t print letters that require substantial research to verify.

Was there any verification of this writer’s claims? It took me less than a minute to find the correct information, from respected sources. In fact, the ER often runs pieces from Cal Matters, the SF Chronicle, and the San Jose Mercury News.

The old advice is, believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see. I’ll add, don’t believe what you read in one newspaper, or from one source. Check your own facts. Use different sources, including those you don’t necessarily agree with. Don’t just take it from me – check it! And check it again!