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From Marysville for Reasonable Water Rates: We are NOT going away. We want change.

10 Feb

“Whiskey is for drinking; Water is for fighting over” ~
This quote has been attributed to 
Mark Twain 

We have a lot of new information to share. Please share this post on your facebook site and with friends and family.

Several weeks ago a group of us from Marysville met with other cities to form a coalition. We have said many times that there is power and strength in numbers. All of us have been fighting alone. So forming an alliance, only makes sense. The group represents cities served by one of the BIG 3 private for-profit water companies in California: Golden State; Cal American; and California Water Service. Everyone has the same stories and issues: escalating water rates!! The coalition advocates for fair and reasonable water rates. 

It is pretty obvious that we will never change the way that the BIG 3 do business. But we can lobby for change at CPUC. We can and will put pressure on local and state elected officials. CPUC appears to be rife with conflict of interest between its role as a State agency that oversees the private utility companies and its role as a rate setter for private utilities. The current system is broken!! It is working for the private water companies, but NOT for the ratepayers. There is no protection for the ratepayers of the private water companies. 

The coalition of cities is growing. A website that will be representative of all cities that join the coalition will soon be up and running. We will keep you posted. 

Yesterday several members of the coalition attended an Assembly Committee meeting on Utilities and Commerce in Sacramento. The topic of the meeting was “Keeping Water Rates Affordable”. Denise Rushing (Supervisor in Lucerne) gave a presentation about their issues with rates (Cal Water). Kudos to Supervisor Rushing for standing up and speaking out for those who elected her. Bill Simmons (Marysville) and Craig Bach (Lucerne) also spoke. They talked about escalating water rates; affordability; WRAM surcharges etc. Apparently Arizona does not have the issue that we have. The PUC in Arizona elects their commissioners. They are not appointed. They are accountable to the people. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Thank you to Bill Simmons and Craig Bach for speaking out. We appreciate you!!!

Chris Pedigo is scheduled to be interviewed by Channel 13-Sacramento this evening. He will address all of the issues above. Thank you Councilman Pedigo!! 

Please be sure to share this update. It is encouraging to see how many cities are happy to jump on board with the coalition. We will continue to meet; to network; to lobby and share resources. 
We will be back soon with another update. There is much more going on. 

Spring and summer is just around the corner. More brown lawns. More brown parks. Higher WRAM charges. Higher water charges!! 

We are NOT going away. We want change.

NOTE:  Check out the new website