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As of Friday, 1/20/17, CARD has poured $1700 worth of labor into Rose Garden mess

22 Jan
I posted this picture

I posted this picture about two weeks ago.  Workers were already trying to make repairs.  Just imagine what the current storm is doing to this mess.

When I saw the mess Chico Creek had made of the new rose garden at the Chico Area Recreation District center on Vallombrosa, I immediately wondered what the repairs were going to cost. It took me a couple of weeks to get a complete answer out of Director Ann Willmann.


I would like a final cost figure on the rose garden, including everything from the first planning to the last installation.

I would also like a cost estimate on the repairs necessitated by recent flooding of the garden.

thank you for your anticipated cooperation, Juanita Sumner

She responded quickly but did not answer my question.

Good Morning. I am in receipt of your email and will send the information once it has been compiled. Thank you, Ann

Almost a week later she came back with some information.

Dear Juanita, the total cost of the Rose Garden was $368,000. The cost to CARD was $218,000 due to the donation from Marilyn Warrens of $150,000.

 The repairs have been completed with supplies we have on hand. The only expense will be replacement of some native plants and decomposed granite at approximately $400.

 Thank you, Ann

I felt her response was incomplete and wrote back to ask for clarification.

Thanks for your response,

I understood CARD would match Mrs. Warren’s contribution, was the extra $68,000 discussed by the board? 

The supplies you had on hand cost money at some point, and then there’s labor. How do those factors affect total cost of repairs? 

thanks for your patience in answering my questions, Juanita Sumner

This time she responded a little more quickly.

Hi Juanita, in regards to the cost of the supplies, the dirt used was donated several years ago and has been at a park site and is used as needed. The base rock that was used was left over from the development of DeGarmo Park. I do not have a price they paid for it at that time. The total staff wages were approximately $1,700.

 Addressing your budget question, yes the board did approve an additional $70,000 towards the project at the December 2015 meeting.

 Thank you, Ann

Has Willmann never had her car repaired? She knows labor is part of the cost of anything. And look at the jobsite – they were probably premature in making repairs,  when my husband and I rode by the other day, more sand had  washed out of the fence, and the irrigation was still hanging in the air. That’s what $1700 worth of CARD labor looks like? 

And yeah, the board approved another $70,000 in funding for this project last December. Your money, my money, our money – nobody called me, did anybody call you?