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What’s the use of sunshine if nobody’s paying attention?

17 Feb

I was glad to see Chris Constantin and his wife Angelique at our CTA meeting Sunday, they came early and helped Maureen Kirk and I set up chairs for Maureen’s presentation.¬†

I had finally asked Chris, why is there such a need to waive the “sunshine” period for the cop contracts. He put it simply – because as soon as these contracts are ¬†approved the city will start saving money. Chris assured me that this new contract cuts the cops’ pay and benefits by 12 percent. He said, very emphatically, that he doesn’t want to see the old contracts go for even another two weeks.¬†

And, I have to agree, the public has not exactly broken down the door to City Hall to comment on these contracts. Maybe I’m unaware – there’s been a blizzard of e-mails? At any rate, if you want to bitch about the contracts, you have tomorrow night, knock yourselves out.

What’s the use of sunshine if nobody’s paying attention? I’m willing to go with Constantin at his word, I hate math.