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Wake up Lobsterville, the pot’s about to come to a boil!

16 Mar

All the sudden I’m seeing searches along the lines of “why is the Chico post office annex closed”.  I made several posts about that last week – the Barber Unit on Vallombrosa Ave. was burned almost two weeks ago. The cause was arson, that’s all we know. It was Ch 7 news out of Redding who ran a picture that showed the fire started in a garbage can inside the annex. 

So far, the Enterprise Record has run nothing about it. I contacted “editor” Mike Wolcott last week but he was on vacation. When he got back to me he was surprised to hear about it, saying, “it does look like something we should look into...” But as of today, still nothing about it.

This building is located right in the middle of town, a busy section of Vallombrosa, right next to Safeway on Mangrove, and across the street and within sight of council woman Ann Schwab’s apartment house.  

Last week I watched workmen take insulation out of the ceiling. Looked like the office next door, which was recently rented to a home healthcare business, was also damaged. It’s not just the fire, but smoke gets everywhere. And then there’s the water. So it looks like the entire building had to be gutted. 

When we asked about our mail, the postal employee at the desk said yes, the mail that was in the boxes when the fire happened is still in there, they haven’t “been authorized” to remove it yet. 

They won’t even talk about when the work will be done. 

I also sent a note to both the police chief and the fire chief asking about the cause of the fire – no response. They think they are too important to be accountable to the public. 

For the upcoming election we must find candidates to replace Ory, Stone and Schwab. Then we need to pressure council to terminate contracts with the city manager and his assistant and hire younger people who will take more reasonable salary and benefits packages. The police chief is retiring, what a fat-ass – let’s try to get a better chief and a better contract this time. One reader suggested we look out of town – I think that’s a good idea. In fact I think we should look out of state, for a person who isn’t on the teat of California entitlement. 

Wake up Lobsterville, the pot’s just about to come to a boil!