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An upcoming California ballot measure would raise the voter threshold for tax measures – and overturn Measure H (think that’s why city mangler Mark Sorensen is pressing council to mount formal opposition?) (using your tax dollars?)

6 Mar

Well, you know me – I have a hard time “letting it go…” I’m still mad about the city of Chico’s simple tax measure and their dirty and underhanded – and I’ll say some of it was illegal – campaign to pass that one-cent sales tax.

Here’s a good question – why is a 2/3’s measure better than 50% +1 or “simple” measure? Here’s my simpleton theory – in Chico, the public sector outweighs the private sector at the ballot box. They have a stake in tax measures, and they are very well informed by their unions. Meanwhile, city officials, elected and hired, do everything they can to keep the rest of us out of the conversation, including a new effort by our city manager Mark Sorensen to undermine the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act.

The TPGAA would not only increase the threshold for passage of tax measures back to 2/3’s, it addresses transparency and what’s legal during the campaign. Read about it here:

And HERE’S THE STINGER: It’s retroactive to January 2022. Yes, MEASURE H WOULD BE OVERTURNED.

Oh, somebody stop me… I think I’m going to bust a gut. This is the best news I’ve heard since November 8, 2022.

But HERE’S THE QUESTION: If the TPGAA passes, will the city be reasonable and overturn the measure? No, they’re opposing the measure, formally, with City Manager Sorensen calling for that resolution to oppose this measure.

You know, I don’t really think it’s the city’s job to tell us how to vote. Of course they would oppose this measure. How many other taxes you think this measure would overturn? I think we might be able to apply it to the trash tax, and wow, maybe it would even cover the sewer tax. Ya think? Let’s find out, next time, on “This Old Lady Really Wants to Put Her Boot Up Mark Sorensen’s Ass”.

Note: Thanks Muna!