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Attack of the Mother Frackers

27 May

I’ve seen the signs around town, especially in that big mess at the corner of Bruce and 32 – “Citizens Against Higher Energy Costs.” Somehow I just knew this was not a campaign to get PG&E to lower their rates.

Actually, it’s a campaign on behalf of and probably paid for by PG&E – their attempt to derail the effort to ban fracking in Butte County. Maybe you were just as surprised  as I was, back in April, when a nearly unanimous board of Supervisors voted to place an ordinance banning fracking on the county ballot. All but the same Larry Wahl who says he opposes marijuana grows because they’re bad for the environment – go figure.

I first heard about Citizen’s Against Higher Energy Costs  through  Senator Jim Nielsen, who sends me his regular e-mail newsletter eversince I made an inquiry of his office. I also received a note, asking if the Chico Taxpayers Association would like to join the group, from a lady named Ingelise Guy. When I googled her, I got , “Ingelise Nielsen Guy”, but I don’t know if that’s the same lady. Weird though. 

I asked her how much money Jim Nielsen received from PG&E, but she hasn’t got back to me. So, I googled PG&E campaign contributions, and found this:


Cool, eh? Just love the internet.  

Looking over the reports year by year, I see Jim Nielsen has been taking $3900 a year directly from PG&E. I know, that doesn’t sound like much, but it’s enough to pay for phones and electricity for your campaign office, and a bunch of campaign signs. Year after year, $3900. I’m sorry, that looks bad Jim! 

It is funny – I don’t see Larry Wahl on  that list, or find PG&E in any of his campaign contribution reports, but he’s vehemently against the ban. Meanwhile, you’ll find Maureen Kirk, who voted in favor of putting the ordinance on the ballot, took $500 from PG&E one year. But, that $3900 a year still looks bad for Nielsen. 

And I really don’t like the implied threat that they’ll raise our energy rates if we try to ban this very questionable practice in our county. I’d like to think my elected officials are there to protect us against these marauding corporations, but I don’t believe they can take money from these same corporations and still act in our best interests.