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City Art Director Mary Gardner is foisting a new “Art Tax” on us to pay her own salary

17 Jul
To mgardner@ci.chico.ca.us, gerimahood@yahoo.com, mcbergarts@gmail.com
(Mary Gardner, city of Chico public arts director, city of Chico, Geraldine Mahood and Monica Berg of the Arts Commission) 
Hello ladies,

I recently read your memo here
I think it’s despicable Ms. Gardner that you are trying  raise revenues for your own salary by foisting a new “Art Tax” on new development. 
Ms. Mahood, Ms. Berg, nobody wants eggsuckers like you telling them how to spend their money or what’s “art”. You people make me sick.
The Chico Taxpayers Association will fight this grab, as will other civic groups through the area. That’s why you’ve kept your efforts “under the radar” I assume – you don’t want people to know about this, because you don’t want to hear what they think about it. Or YOU! 
You people need to get real jobs and quit sucking off the public teat.
 Read all about it here:
Sincerely, Juanita Sumner, Chico CA