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City cries poor mouth while spending a couple hundred thousand remodeling council chambers

30 Jan

Do you wonder if the Right Hand knows what the Left Hand is doing at the City of Chico?

Our Chamber of Commerce shill, Katie Simmons, says we’re broke and need money – but at the same time the city is spending $350,000 on a makeover for city chambers?


New seats? There was nothing wrong with the old seats, Folks. New carpet? And claims that we couldn’t see the meetings adequately from our computers? That’s all melarkey as far as I’m concerned – I’ve attended meetings recently in that chamber, I’ve watched on my computer, even with my poor computer service, the meetings are perfectly watchable on the computer. 

The story says the grant was for $350,000, but the job will cost $175 – 225,000? And it comes from an “public education grant”. So I e-mailed staff and asked them, how much total money was received and exactly where it came from. We’ll see what response I get. 

I’m guessing there was plenty of money in that grant for greasing a few palms.