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Guest Post: ER letter writer finds better shopping outside Butte County

12 Dec

Every now and then I check the letters section of the Enterprise Record to see what other people are talking about – this morning I found a somewhat like-minded person.

Letter: Butte County sales leaking over to Glenn County

Butte County sales leaking over to Glenn County

I used to live in Willows and drive to Chico to shop. Now I live in Chico and drive to Willows to shop.

There’s a big difference in the size and offerings at the Walmart in Willows as well as less traffic and parking hassles. Another plus is that you don’t have to stand in line for 20-plus minutes to return an item.

While I am in Glenn County, not only do I end up buying groceries as well as other items at Walmart, I have dinner at the Black Bear Diner and I often make a stop at CVS, Dollar General and/or The Dollar Tree. 

— Maxine Rodgers, Chico

Ms. Rodgers says she shops in Willows to avoid the lines and parking hassles – that’s true. I think she’s talking about Walmart mostly, but it’s always interesting to check out the rest of the scene – there are some interesting specialty shops in both Willows and Orland, and there’s good Mexican meat markets and bakeries, for example.

Ms. Rodgers may not be aware, there is a movement in Chico to raise sales tax to pay for stuff Downtown. That is a good reason to shop in Glenn County too.  Please save your receipts and send them to Chico City Council.

Don’t forget to stop at the gas station  in Ham City before you cross the river – send that receipt to the council too!