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Bidwell Park is in big trouble

10 Jan

We came over to investigate the downed tree, and found the city back hoe had sunk into the flimsy asphalt path.

Years ago when the city installed the asphalt pathways that intersect the park in places, I saw this coming. My dad drove a belly dump for Henry Teichert, I had seen a little bit of roadwork from the cab of his Peterbilt. You don’t lay asphalt on dirt, silly rabbits.

As a park commuter, I watched gophers undermine the paths immediately, creating hazards, especially for pedestrians. But it never occurred to me that city vehicles would have to use these pathways. I was shocked when we encountered the back hoe sunk deep into the muck, broken asphalt on both sides, no thicker than heavy mil cardboard.


The park has been badly managed for years, because there is no accountability. The staffers who are responsible for this stuff come and go, and nobody leaves notes for the new guys. ┬áThe man who was driving the back hoe was also shocked – he had only been with the city for 11 years, he had no idea the asphalt had no support under it. I hope he didn’t get into trouble because it’s not his fault.

Management gets paid to know this stuff. Dan Efseaff makes about $100,000/year, plus pension and health package, to know this stuff. I’ll have to send him this picture. I already sent it to the Enterprise Record, we’ll see if it makes it into Hot Shots!