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Compare Chico and Redding by public pay and crime statistics

13 Jan

I’ve got a few links here I found interesting. The first are public pay reports from the State Controller’s Office. These charts are made with figures reported by the various cities and counties in California. I’ve posted the links for Chico and Redding. What I found is that salaries are similar, sometimes higher in Redding, but that Chico taxpayers pay more for benefits and pensions.

http://publicpay.ca.gov/Reports/Cities/City.aspx?entityid=79&fiscalyear=2013 – chico

http://publicpay.ca.gov/Reports/Cities/City.aspx?entityid=473&fiscalyear=2013 – redding

Below I have the latest crime statistics for Chico and Redding, also 2013. I was shocked to find,  Redding has a lot of violent crime. They also have a bigger population spread out over a larger geographic area, including a lot of riverfront and wild grasslands, but, according to the chart above, pay their cops and fire about the same as Chico.


Chico population – 88,226; Redding – 91,035

violent crime – 299;   585

murder/non-negligent manslaughter – 2;  2

rape – 41;  49

robbery – 95;  146

aggravated assault – 161;  388

property crime – 2,572;  3,774

burglary – 622;   742

larceny/theft – 1,568;  2,483

motor vehicle theft – 382;  549

arson – 37;  5  (NOTE: in 2013 we had a rash of couch fires in Chico)