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Looks like Marysville has beat their tax proposal – but it was a squeaker due to low turnout. We’ve got to get ready for a tax blitz in 2016

12 Nov

Looking at the election results for Yuba County, I see Marysville just barely turned back a sales tax increase proposal – Measure W. It looks like only 1800 people voted in that race, and almost 900 voted YES. It only seems to have been beaten by only about 60 votes.

I know, Marysville is a small town, but I think they have more than 1800 registered voters. 

I’ve been following Dan Walters lately – don’t tell him – and he’s warning that the Democrats might make a rebound in 2016, and bring a lot of tax increase and tax extension proposals along in their little knapsacks. I’m sure Chico will pursue a sales tax increase. Council will vote almost unanimously to put it on the ballot without petitioning the voters. 

Randall Stone has contacted me on several occasions to tell me he won’t support a sales tax. We’ll see. 

In the meantime, get ready to RUMBLE!