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Community Water Center – How to challenge an unfair sewer or water rate hike – know your Prop 218 rights

9 Dec

Well, here’s a whopper of a link – information from the Community Water Center about your Prop 218 rights. Read it, learn it, live it… These laws also apply to sewer rate hikes. This link also includes a template for preparing your written protest.


California Proposition 218 (Prop. 218) applies and there are strict requirements that your provider must follow before raising the rates... In general, the provider must provide information
on the amount of the rate increase, why it is needed, how the increase was calculated, and it must provide sufficient notification to impacted property owners and an opportunity to protest the increase.

I’ve read the notice, and I had some questions, so I called the number on the notice. I got a staffer who didn’t know what I was talking about, couldn’t begin to answer my questions, and tried to refer me to “parkinfo@chicoca.gov”. So I emailed city clerk Debbie Presson (debbie.presson@chicoca.gov) and my council rep. I also cc’d Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association counsel Laura Dougherty, and I have also emailed the notice to Ms. Dougherty.

I suggest that you also inquire with the clerk’s office as to the procedure and any questions you have regarding the notice. It seems to me council has taken the low road – sending out a poorly written rate increase notice during the holiday season? When offices Downtown are closing? And I’ll also remind you – they didn’t say anything about this hike during their sales tax measure campaign.

The clock is ticking – get those protests written. Ask the clerk if you have any questions.