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Presson tells me one story and newspaper another – which is it Debbie?

30 Oct

From the ER story run day before yesterday:

The Chico Police Officers Association Political Action Committee filed its statement of organization with the city July 31. No other paperwork had been filed since, which means it is not in compliance with city and Fair Political Practices Commission requirements.

It could be at risk of fines from both the city and the oversight agency of $10 per day, and potentially dating back to 2012 because of some other gaps in its paperwork, said City Clerk Debbie Presson.

She has sent reminders that the reports were due and a notice that the group missed the filing deadline. She said she has not heard anything back.

“I’m hoping to resolve it,” she said. “My hope behind all of this is compliance and getting the forms in here for citizens’ review.”

Presson also confirmed several political action committees participating in the city election have not filed courtesy copies with the city, although they have filed with the county. She also contacted the FPPC on that issue.”

But in a e-mail I received Oct. 23, she said,  “This process is in place and is being reviewed with FPPC.  In addition, this office has been working with the CPOA in order to obtain compliance on the required filings.  However, fines have not been levied at this time.”

Yes, she was so mad at my question, she wrote her entire answer to me in RED! See the entire e-mail exchange here:


Well, which is it Debbie? Are you working with the CPOA toward compliance, or have you “not heard anything”?  Those are two distinctly different answers, I’d like her to pick one. 

I’d also like to know, who are the other PAC’s who haven’t filed? I don’t think there are any, I think she just threw that in there, or she’d name them. It’s not only public information, they’ve violated the law, and everybody needs to know who’s above board here and who’s not. The CPOA certainly is not, and Debbie Presson, an  officer of the city, isn’t doing anything about it. 

I don’t know why we have such a duplication – the county clerk is supposed to be responsible for elections, let’s give her the whole job and demote Presson to administrative secretary. She can’t even handle that, having taken months to get the minutes up to date – frankly I haven’t checked, I don’t even know if she has got the minutes up to date. 




Koyaanisqatsi! I agree with Dave Guzzetti!

8 Oct

I oftentimes find myself wondering – why do I bother to do this?  Here I’ve been complaining about lack of Sunshine Downtown, and I have to ask – would anybody read the minutes of meetings if they were posted? Who besides me and the gals over at Truth Matters Chico are even worried about the minutes? 

Then I found this petition set up online by Jessica Allen, who I assume put up the website “Save Chico Now.” It’s been signed by 50 people, all of whom seem to agree with me that we need to get those minutes posted in a timely fashion.  Good Gawd Maude – I agree with David Guzzetti!  I hope that gives him indigestion.


The efforts seems to have fizzled a little, but not before Allen got 50 signatures.  That’s more people than I would have believed were interested.

I wrote a letter to the Enterprise Record, sent it yesterday, but I’m running it here below because I don’t know when Editor will post it.  I had to resend my last letter, which is pretty common. If you don’t get a response, resend your letters, and include dlittle@chicoer.com in the ‘to’ bar.  He will usually send a little response – “thankyou, it’s in the cue” – if you don’t get that, resend. As much as we detest each others guts, I still have some modicum of respect for Little’s integrity – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.  Just because I disagree with the guy doesn’t mean I don’t respect him somewhat – I have yet to catch him in a lie, so I’m hanging in there. I also believe he hates liars, and wouldn’t intentionally lie. You can’t call a person a liar for their beliefs. 

I would say same about Stephanie Taber. I don’t agree with her right now, but I don’t doubt her integrity. Sure, she  can be wrong, and stubborn, and misled – who can’t? I challenge any of you to be right all the time, don’t make a mistake, don’t misstep – cause Macky’s back in town, Dear, and his teeth are shinin’ white.

I have finally come to doubt a couple of other people’s integrity – Brian Nakamura and Debbie Presson. I tried to believe the best about them, but given their actions, I feel like an idiot for trusting them.  I believe these people will tell the public anything to get their way.  Or not tell, as in this case of holding up the minutes for months on end, losing memos and documents, refusing to serve information requests. If you are friendly with her, Presson has all the time in the world to yak face about personal stuff – ask Sean Morgan –  but now suddenly she doesn’t have the time to honor information requests from the public? Doesn’t have time to post minutes for any meeting after April? I think this lady makes too much money to tell us she doesn’t have time to do her job. Maybe she should take some of that $135,000 a year salary (plus benefits and pension) and hire herself a staff? 

Here’s my letter to the Enterprise Record.  I wish some of the people on that petition would write letters too.

Chico City Clerk Debbie Presson says she struggles up to five hours transcribing minutes for one hour’s video tape of a city council meeting, citing a November 2000 council action approving  “‘action-only’ minutes, with staff to provide summary detail when needed.” This is why minutes are six months behind. 

 Presson decides when “summary detail” is needed, and which details to include, paraphrasing public comments, or leaving them out entirely.
Cities of Redding, Oroville and Willows offer up-to-date, “action only” minutes, a simple description of  motions made and passed, actions taken, etc, available in less than 30 days. They also offer videos, but the important facts are there at a glance for those who don’t have hours to sit through these meetings.
It is important to have the videos for better understanding of the council’s motives behind actions.  When I’ve tried to view Chico council videos online, I’ve seen “sorry, video is still processing…” When I asked Staff, I was told I needed to use Internet Explorer.  Google Chrome has over 53% of users, why aren’t our videos viewable on Google Chrome like other cities? 
We’re not being served. City management has eliminated positions and cut services to fund their own raises. Do they expect us to believe, if they pay one person four or five salaries, that person will actually be capable of doing the work of four or five people? 
Juanita Sumner, Chico