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Casey Aplanalp: something is wrong here

20 Oct

Chico Taxpayer Casey Aplanalp has been pretty busy in his day job but pays attention to the issues that matter – thanks Casey for this letter sent to the Enterprise Record:

PG&E tells us to conserve energy. So as an incentive, they’re posing to increase the rates for lower tier energy users and lower rates for top energy users. It’s a slap in the face to those who conserve, and screws people who have gone solar, but makes perfect sense in opposite world.

They hold a Town Hall type of “discussion” and are presumptuous to allow people to speak for 2 minutes, as if we need their permission to speak out. This is their manner of gathering public consent, holding a boring meeting nobody wants to attend.
They hand-picked the PUC judge to preside, who is/was a lawyer for an energy company. Not exactly what we need to see from the PUC. Private companies don’t get to hire their own judges, and the Feds will see if this judge has indeed taken compensation from PG&E.

This reminds me of drought season, when water users got dinged for conserving water.

Something is wrong here.

I also wrote a letter to the ER but of course it’s caught in the election letter jam, we’ll see if it gets printed. I complained about the fact that Jerry Brown takes tens of thousands in campaign contributions from PG&E, then turns around and appoints their employees to the CPUC, turning a deaf ear to such practices as “judge shopping.” The Moonbeam has got to GO! This is one race where I will hold my nose and vote for Neel Kashkarian. He’s bad too, mark my words, I’ll be bitching about him too. But we have to snap the power vacuum grip they’ve got every once in a while, shake things up – that’s our only shot in the state races, shake things up and see what we get. 

Unfortunately if we toss our dice in the city council election all we get are snake eyes.