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Newsom and Harris take their personal agendas too far in invading family tragedy

19 Sep

“A California family has accused Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and Gov. Gavin Newsom of trespassing on their fire-ravaged property for a photo opportunity.

A California family has accused Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and Gov. Gavin Newsom of trespassing on their fire-ravaged property for a photo opportunity during their tour of a burn zone

This picture says it all for me – look at her posture as she takes a selfie in front of a stranger’s burnt home.  When I toured Paradise the first time after the Camp Fire my knees were weak, I was sobbing within minutes. I still cry when I go to Paradise, every time I have to deal with the bullshit red tape they’ve thrown up to rebuild our burn down.  This woman doesn’t give a fuck about anybody but herself. Same for Newsom.


Newsom and Harris were obviously using a family’s personal tragedy to advance their personal agendas. And Harris made it clear, she was victimizing these people because, “Voting records show that Patten and his mother, Bonnie Patten, (the victims) are registered Republicans, the outlet said.” 

“Harris told reporters as they filmed her walking around the property: ‘These are the stories behind these fires. The people who are victimized by these, they could care less – and their children could care less – who they voted for in the last election.’”

Oooo, what a total bitch this woman is!  And you know Newsom expects to be her VP pick when she runs for President in 2024. 

This is why I’m voting Trump in 2020.