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Dave, Dave, Dave – when you gonna learn?

16 Dec


Wow, what a world we live in. All these accusations of “inappropriate behavior” coming out of Hollywood and Washington, and even right here in Chico!

Guzzetti is being investigated “for reportedly using nearly $12,000 of Chico Conservation Voters campaign funds on gambling, dining, groceries, bookstore charges and personal computer services, the FPPC says.”

Yes, Dave Guzzetti seems to have been busted, AGAIN, this time with his fingers in the cookie jar. Kelly’s cookie jar.¬† Kelly often told me that “they only want me for my money,” but I always assumed Guzzetti spent the money on his political agenda – stuff like illegal campaign mailers. Instead we find out he’s been gambling? And using, mostly Kelly Meagher’s money, for other definitely personal expenses.

When I have looked at the reports, I’ve seen that he took a salary out of his PAC, but I figured that was all legal. It’s amazing what’s legal with a PAC. But what Guzzetti was dong with the money was not only inappropriate by FPPC rules, it could¬† be considered embezzlement, which involves criminal charges and possible jail time, maybe restitution. In light of what Guzzetti has admitted, I hope Ramsey presses charges, but I won’t hold my breath – Ramsey’s a Democrat.

Guzzetti is a creep, he’s been warned for sending the dirty fliers, for not making legally required reports – this has been going on for years, but he’s always wiggled out of anything serious. Now I’d like to see his ass nailed for good to the barn door. I’d like his friends like Mike Worley and Karl Ory to see just what happens when you think you can pull a fast one on the voters and taxpayers.

Here’s a funny little trip down Memory Lane – a two-part story from 1985, from the LA Times.