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Capitol Public Radio: Newsom overstated forest clearance by 80,000 acres

18 Aug

This morning the smoke is so bad I woke up thinking we’d inadvertently left a window open. No. We’d even reinforced the sliding glass door with masking tape. Since 3 am, we’ve been breathing acrid, toxic air, thanks to PG&E, Cal Fire, and the head of the whole stinking fish, Gavin Newsom.

“Dixie Fire: Containment to be determined...” is the official word out of Cal Fire. Meaning, it will go out with the first rains. As of yesterday the fire was bearing down on Susanville – is that their intention? Just burn out all the mountain dwellers, leave nothing but ski resorts? Really?

I received a survey from Doug LaMalfa’s office, asking me how I think they should handle these fires. One option was, don’t allow people to live in fire prone areas anymore. I’m sure LaMalfa’s staff included that option to piss people off, but I’ve heard that kind of talk from people like Jim, and I think it’s on the table.

My family landed in the Sierra Nevada in the 1840’s, my grandma Mahala brought three children in by mule train in 1849. At that time, that was where the jobs were, and that’s where you could get land. Those people built this state. Their descendants continue to live up there – with the exception of my cousin Janet, who lost her house in Greenville a couple of weeks ago.

Is this how Newsom intends to accomplish de-population? Just burn them out? It’s been done before – look up the history of Prattville – the original town burned down due to a suspicious fire in the early 1900’s, just as The Western Power Company (predecessor to PG&E) was attempting to buy up huge swaths of land to build dams and reservoirs. The people of Prattville didn’t want to sell. So, one day when most of the residents had travelled to a baseball tournament, the town burned to the ground. Today the ruins of the original town of Prattville are sunk under Lake Almanor.

Well, that might all be a specious conspiracy theory, but Dan Walters reports here


that promises Newsom made early in his term about fire prevention and suppression have not come to fruition.

“Everybody has had enough,” Newsom said, adding that the state’s approach “fundamentally has to change.”

Newsom said the state would clear underbrush and thin forests with prescribed burns and other techniques, emulating how nature and Native Americans dealt with fire for countless eons.

“However, what seemed to be an innovative new state policy became an embarrassment when Capitol Public Radio reported in June that Newsom had hugely overstated what the state had done over the previous two years.” Capitol Public Radio  “found Newsom overstated, by an astounding 690%, the number of acres treated with fuel breaks and prescribed burns in the very forestry projects he said needed to be prioritized to protect the state’s most vulnerable communities. Newsom has claimed that 35 ‘priority projects’ carried out as a result of his executive order resulted in fire prevention work on 90,000 acres. But the state’s own data show the actual number is 11,399.

So, here we are today. Between his refusal to hold PG&E responsible for mismanagement and lack of maintenance, and his failure to implement his own promises to manage our forest lands, Newsom has managed to burn down, what, a third of the state? More? How many left homeless, destitute?

So, watch for your recall ballot, clerks all over the state were supposed to be mailing those out Monday. Vote for RECALL, and then I hope you’ll fill in the bubble next to Kevin Kiley to take on the last year or so of Newsom’s term. Find out more here: