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Write to Butte County Supervisors about mosquito tax

7 May

Contact: phahn@buttecounty.net; lwahl@buttecounty.net; mkirk@buttecounty.net; dist4@buttecounty.net; bconnelly@buttecounty.net; dteeter@buttecounty.net


Dear Supervisors and Mr. Hahn,

Below is an e-mail conversation I had with Matt Ball of Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District. He says, district employees only pay 1 – 6.25% of their retirement plans, and pay nothing toward their health benefits. 

But they’re asking for an assessment?

I don’t care how “small” the assessment looks per property, it’s insulting that they don’t pay their own benefits or pensions and expect to hold their hand out to the public. I looked at their last three years’ budgets.  I see they’ve lost RDA funding in almost the exact amount they’ve been paying on their benefits – that’s the underlying reason for this assessment.  I also notice that while they’ve been laying people off and cutting the expenditure for pesticides by about $150,000 a year, at the same time their benefits expenditure has increased. 

And no matter how many properties we own, my husband and I are limited to one vote between the two of us? And then, these votes are only “taken under consideration”? 

This looks pretty bad. I also can’t find any kind of contact information for the BCMVCD board. Another board of spoils appointees, out of the reach of public comment?

Mr. Hahn, can you please provide me with direct contact information for the BCMVCD board?  I’m not willing to go through Mr. Ball or staff, I’m guessing these board members all have county provided e-mail addresses, and the public should be able to contact them directly. This information should be on the website. 

I have included the newspaper editors because I have not seen any of the above information in stories I’ve read in the paper. 

Thank you for your anticipated response – Juanita Sumner, Chico CA  




Attached is the contact information for Board Members for the Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District that we currently have on file.    While you are probably already aware of this, the Mosquito Abatement District is a completely separate entity from Butte County.  The only connection is that the Butte County Board of Supervisors does appoint five members of the of 11 member Governing board with the rest selected by respective City Councils.


I hope this answers your question.  If not, please do not hesitate to let me know.





Paul Hahn

I like to deal with Paul Hahn, he’s very professional. Cool blue ink too!  So far, I guess I have not pissed him off, he always answers me right back. What I learned here is, five of the board members are appointed by our county supervisors, that makes them responsible too.  Our city council appoints one, I think, and the others are appointed by other towns in Butte County, and I think Hamilton City. Ham City left the Glenn County abatement district when Glenn County health and human services officer Scott Gruendl raised their assessment – let’s see what they have to say about being duped into a higher assessment by Butte County.