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It’s not about pot it’s about property rights

7 Sep

When I read about warrant-less searches in Lake County, I realized what it is that bothers me about the Butte county marijuana ordinance, Measure A – I’m an American, and I believe in my rights to my property, to be safe and secure in my home. I realized, Larry Wahl’s marijuana ordinance is a step in the wrong direction.

The worst thing about Measure A, is that it goes beyond  encouraging fighting and court battles between neighbors, giving even strangers a harassment tool to hound people they don’t like for whatever reason. This really bothers me – complaints aren’t restricted to neighbors.  Wahl has claimed all along that he’s trying to help people who live next door to “egregious” grows – no, he’s trying to harass people who don’t agree with him out of Butte County. This isn’t just about marijuana, it’s about everything Wahl and his hip pocket stand for – unregulated development, wholesale logging of our forests, open door to PG&E and other utilities, lower regulations for fracking and mining, and more property tax revenues and other fees to pay salaries and pensions, including his own $58,000+ salary, down at the county.  

I’m sick of these grabs. Somebody please tell Larry to read a book, I’d suggest “John Adams” by David McCullough.