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Let’s all enjoy a solid chorus of “I Told You So!”

31 May

Yes, I believe in rubbing it in good. I let too many things fly past, this is not going to get by without insult. 

Mark Sorensen owes us an apology. He was Brian Nakamura’s biggest supporter. Now Nakamura is doing just exactly what he did to Hemet, and other towns before that – leaving without proper notice, for a job he secretly sought out while in our employ. The guy is so predictable – I predicted this, in fact. But Sorensen gave him a huge salary, and the sacred trust, and then stood by while he pilfered our treasury for his own fat salary, pension and benefits. Not to mention, those of his friends, Orme and Constantin. And now he’s hired his friend as our city attorney. 

Is Sorensen stupid or is he in on it? Will he take over as City Manager? What will happen to Orme and Constantin? I can’t decide yet, I’ll have to put in my prediction later. If only it paid like Vegas, I’d be a fucking millionaire by now.