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California is Business Hostile

12 Jan

The KIST! thermometer says, “get your ass in the house before your feet stick to the patio – it’s 23 degrees out here!” 

The dog dish is frozen pretty solid, I had to take a little hammer to it so Biscuit could wet her whistle. Then she pees for like 10 minutes, having held out all night, while Max makes the rounds of all the shrubberies. He’s got a funny jingle in his step on mornings like this – if only he could fly, so his feet would not have to touch the frozen ground!

I watch my breath form a cloud while they have a quick snack, and then we all head back in the house – too cold and dark to stay outside, too cold to even light the chimenea. 

Sometimes I wonder if I should go back to bed on mornings like this, save PG&E, but instead, I make myself a cup of coffee and sit down in front of the computer to read the papers.  I don’t like to get all my news from the very limited Chico Enterprise Record, I like to scan a lot of the area papers – Redding Record Searchlight, Red Bluff Sentinel, Auburn Journal, Grass Valley Union, Orland Press Register, etc.  This morning I was looking over my hometown paper – The Willows Journal – and  read a story about a bunch of kids I grew up with in Glenn county donating $16,000 in rice receipts to the Willows High athletic program:


I also read this interesting article in the Orland Press Register:


The ex-mayor of Orland and a couple of local business owners were granted an audience with Governor Moonbeam, given a chance to air their beefs with the state labor board. 

The owner of a small Orland business was nailed for $3,000 for hiring a high school kid through a school program – 4 years ago, and the case is still “in litigation.” I can only imagine the lawyer bill this man is toting after four years of dicking around with the state of California – that would be like swimming in a leech-infested swamp! This man met with state labor commissioner Julie Su back in July, said that was a positive meeting, but his case is STILL IN LITIGATION after four years and a meeting with the state labor commissioner? Please – you people are TOO EASY! No wonder you’re getting screwed over a barrel, Mr. Nunez. 

And now, Orland’s ex-mayor is saying of his meeting with Jerry Brown, “”The meeting with the governor was the most productive meeting I’ve ever been to in my life.” What an ass-kissing slut he is! 

Scuse my language, I get so sick of the liberals and their blood-sucking, I can’t keep it clean anymore. 

Like a business owner I know says about the city of Chico, “They think just because you own a business, you’re some kind of $ugar Daddy.”

The State of California is business hostile. Look at the deal they just made with Amazon.com, just to get more sales tax revenues. They paved the way for Amazon to take more business away from local California businesses, while further enriching themselves. They get to KEEP  sales tax they generate! 


Sure, I love online shopping, but this deal, whereby Amazon gets to keep a giant portion of the sales taxes they generate while taking business away from local retailers is pretty lame. The state doesn’t care about small businesses, they just want ANY tax revenues to feed their salary and benefits machine.

Try starting a small business in Chico – take a look at this first:


Don’t forget to pay that $48 fee for working out of your house! 

Yes, California is business hostile.  

This weekend we’re having a late “First Sunday” meeting, on “Second Sunday” instead. The CTA will meet at the library tomorrow, Sunday, at 9am. We’ll talk about the latest news on Measure J (still waiting for the Finance Dept to get back to me regarding the cell phone tax refunds), the “unfunded pension liabilities”, and we’ll also hear from Bob Best, who has been getting together with various local groups to discuss priorities for the 2014 election.

Hope to have a great conversation, everybody is welcome.












Time to write to the city council about these pension payments – Scott Gruendl thinks “pension reform” means making US pay MORE!

12 Dec

Hi Debbie, Council members, 

I was just going over the minutes for  the Finance Committee meeting I attended earlier this month. I see that one question I asked, about the cost of certain consultant reports, was included in the minutes, but not the question I asked regarding what the city pays toward the “employee share” of pension premiums. Jennifer Hennessy stated at that time, “about $7 million.” Later she sent me an e-mail correction – the actual figure was closer to $10.1 million.
I wonder why my question and Hennessy’s answer are not included in the minutes? I asked this question during the discussion regarding the loss of Measure J. I was trying to point out, that while the city is complaining about losing $900,000 on a failed tax measure, they spend millions paying THE EMPLOYEE SHARE of pension costs, in addition to the employer share. Our city’s financial problems would be solved if the contracts were rewritten so that the employee pays their own share. Why isn’t this option coming up in the discussion? 
I also notice, the police advisory board gets verbatim minutes. I wonder, why aren’t all the committee meetings, including the ad hoc meetings, recorded verbatim? 
I’d like this letter to be attached to the next city council agenda as a “communication.” 
I’d also like to thank Fritz McKinley for answering my flood notice question. 
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation, Juanita Sumner

To the victor go the spoils.

5 Dec

President Obama Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey At White House

PHOTO:  President Bronco Bama congratulates Mary Goloff on her recent appointment as Mayor of Chico.  

Today I woke up to another gorgeous rainstorm – that’s the water that’s going to give me a wonderful crop of maters next summer. But then my husband had to go and ruin my morning by reading to me from the Enterprise Record – stuck inside on a rainy day, you know.   “Oh, Jesus!” he exclaimed, and I think, he was literally calling out to Jesus. “Mary Flynn (he can’t get used to her new name) is our MAYOR!” And then, the cherry on top, “and Gruendl’s our vice mayor!”

At this point, I had to say, putting “vice” in front of Scott’s name is appropriate whatever you’re talking about.

We had certainly discussed this possibility at our recent Chico Taxpayer’s Association. We knew Sorensen, although he’s the proper candidate for at least vice mayor, didn’t have a rat’s ass of a chance. And let’s face it, his plate is full of Biggs right now, we’re lucky he can manage to make the committee meetings. And glad to have him. There’s only so much one man can do, we don’t want Mark half-assing anything.

Besides, I don’t know if Sorensen wants to be in the Mayor’s chair – Ann Schwab certainly let it slide – not at this particular junction in the Road to Perdition. Like Amy Winehouse said, “Noo, nooo, NO!”

The only other members who would be considered “qualified” – meaning, didn’t just get elected – were Schwab, Goloff and Gruendl. So, there you go. Gruendl had already been mayor, and that would be pretty greedy of him.  Goloff was previously vice mayor, so I guess you’d say, she was “in line for the throne”.

Funny to think, just eight months ago, the council had to vote to pardon Goloff from excessive absences. According to the city charter, any member who misses more than two consecutive meetings without getting a permission slip from the rest of council will be dismissed! Flynn missed meetings on March 20 and April 3 and 17. The council granted her leave through April 18, that I know of, and agendized a discussion about letting her off into May. Her excuse was “unspecified medical reasons.”

Let me specify here. I know, I accused her of getting plastic surgery on our public dime – she has a $17,000 benefits package through her council position.   But, there is also talk around town that she was in rehab.

Now, I would not have been shocked if I’d heard this back in 2008, when she tried to create a drive-up entrance over at the Great Harvest on Forest Ave, and was found by the police to have a pile of prescription drugs  in her car. In fact, I never remember hearing anything about her being directed to a program at that time, and that  bothered me. Everybody, including then-chief of police Bruce Hagerty, acted as though driving under the influence of drugs was no big deal. “‘I just think she made a mistake in mixing several different medications,” Hagerty said, referring to a recent medical procedure Flynn had undergone. He said she had medications with her in the car.”

Wow, just imagine, if the Chico PD found me with so much as Ibuprofen in my car! They’d probably haul me to Oroville and tear my car to pieces!  Hagerty said in an interview at the time, it’s really a matter of the arresting officers’ and the chief’s discretion as to whether somebody is charged with a “DUI” for prescription drugs. “It’s not illegal to drive a motor vehicle with prescription drugs in your system provided that they don’t interfere with your ability to drive that vehicle safely. That’s what will have to be determined regarding the charge of guilt or innocence regarding driving under the influence.”  This from the man who came in off duty, with a back injury for which he is still collecting compensation, to personally escort then-Flynn through the arrest process and then stand by her while she confronted the press. Can you imagine anybody else getting that kind of treatment from the police chief over a DUI? And this is one of the two people who decides if she gets charged or not.

“Hagerty said while determining innocence or guilt is more cut-and-dried for a DUI involving alcohol — a person is guilty of DUI when blood-alcohol content is .08 — there is no presumptive level for medications. Instead, a district attorney will use a combination of the blood work identifying the substance and the officer’s opinion following field-sobriety tests to determine whether to press charges or drop the case.”

According to the article posted at www.SanDiegoDrunkDrivingAttorney.netm , “Hagerty said warnings that prescription drugs can cause drowsiness or should not be taken while driving should be heeded. However, he acknowledged drugs can have different effects on different people. ‘It’s an individual’s decision on a person’s part, and people make mistakes. I really think that’s what she made, a mistake,’ he said.”

Well at least we know where the chief stood! 

As you may remember, it wasn’t Mary’s first offense. Goloff-then-Flynn made no bones about a 1990 DUI conviction – this one a “cut-and-dried” conviction for alcohol – when she ran for office in 2006. She said she was afraid somebody would out her, so she was coming clean on her problems. Maybe we should have a form posted down at the city clerk’s office listing which prescriptions our council members might be under the influence of when they are making decisions that influence our lives.  

Well, I’ll also say, she might have wished she’d stayed on the hooch after the next six months – there’s rough sailing ahead for the SS Chico, and as Captain, she’s designated to go down with the ship.