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Mosquito abatement assessment – still no news

16 Jun

I’ve been looking for the news as to whether the mosquito abatement assessment was passed last week. They were supposed to  tabulate ballots last Wednesday. I could call them, but I’m curious as to why there’s been no media coverage of this assessment issue. After all, the pensions and benefits discussion is being had, even though it had to be dragged up to the table, kicking and screaming.  If you look at the budgets available on the BCMVCD website, it’s as plain as the nose on your face – this assessment has nothing to do with West Nile Virus.

I’ve been searching for any reference, and I finally found a story from last month in the Mercury Register. 


Feather River Parks and Rec District, like the rest of us property owners, received their assessment ballot, and voted NO! But, of course, not for the reasons I would have liked.  I don’t know anything about these people, I don’t know why they don’t seem to be outraged over the pensions and benefits.

One board member actually offered support – said he’d found a dead blue jay in his back yard that had tested positive for West Nile Virus. He tried to convince the rest of the board that this was a “quality of life issue” – oh, I’ll say! A quality of life issue for those 18 employees of BCMVCD who receive not only generous salaries but pensions and benefits paid by the taxpayers.   He went on to say that “West Nile Virus is a real issue!” Well, why wouldn’t that blue jay he found in his back yard be front page news if West Nile Virus was really a credible threat to our area?  I’m just asking.

The other board members were quick to announce they’d all voted NO on their personal ballots, but no reasons why. One woman offered that people should do more of their own abatement. But no conversation about the pensions and benefits. 

It’s really too bad that neither the media nor our elected officials seem willing or able to take on this issue. And don’t expect Staff to step up to the plate with the truth. George Barber, the general manager of the Paradise Irrigation District, writes to the PID board, “This assessment will cost the District less than $200 per year for the properties we own in fee. I think it is appropriate to support their effort in protecting the public’s health as we have a similar responsibility as a District.”  Sheesh George, that’s easy for you to say, it’s not your money, and it all goes into the same pot that you get your pension out of. 

Then I read an agenda item from Paradise Recreation District that quoted BCMVCD manager Matt Ball as saying the assessment would not apply to public agencies? Here’s the link to the minutes for the May 13 meeting


Look at Page 5, Item 4.  Why would public agencies be allowed to vote – receiving multiple ballots to my one – on an assessment they won’t have to pay? Of course, like George Barber says, BCMVCD’s activities benefit the irrigation district, with miles of swampy mosquito habitat, and isn’t it just all the better, if the taxpayers pick up 99.9 percent of the tab? 

I also find it damned interesting that the PPRPD questioned Ball’s statement. Neither PID nor FRRPD  mentioned this clause. Is Ball allowed to promise an exemption in order to get votes? Gotta wonder, people, ask questions!