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Whole lotta misinformation being spread around

7 Apr

I like to read the letters section in the Enterprise Record because the people who go to the trouble to write letters are often times the people who go to the trouble to get involved in local issues. Sometimes that’s a bad thing.

Here’s a letter from liberal gadfly Karen Laslo – a woman who is ready to show up at your front door at all hours, a gal who will get right in your body space if she doesn’t like your opinion. Laslo isn’t too worried about the facts.

(Republican) Candace Grubbs isn’t going to run for her position again as Butte County Clerk-Recorder.  Instead, one of her staff, (Republican) Keaton Denlay, presently Manager for the Clerk-Recorder, is going to run for her position. If he wins he’ll be in charge of the Elections Department. This is not good news.

Keaton Denlay is the brother of (Republican) Kami Denlay, former Chico City Council member who resigned in disgrace when it was discovered that she wasn’t living in Chico at the time she was on the city council. She received no consequences for this blatant act of voter fraud. I’m having a hard time believing that Keaton Denlay didn’t know about this.

Here’s a quote from Keaton Denlay announcing that he’s running for the office of Butte County Clerk-Recorder: “Today, I am officially announcing my candidacy for the office of Butte County Clerk-Recorder. As the Manager for the Clerk-Recorder, my years of experience have prepared me to lead this office into the future. I look forward to continuing my work for the citizens of Butte County by maintaining the high level of security, accessibility and integrity you all have come to expect from the office.”

How can the people of Butte County trust Keaton Denlay to provide fairness, “security” and “integrity” when he didn’t report the above information about his sister to us?

— Karen Laslo, Chico

Sorry “The Laz”, but Keaton Denlay didn’t have to report any of the above because it’s not true. Kami Denlay did in fact have a residence in Chico when she ran for office – in fact, she had a condo at the same complex there on Vallombrosa where Ann Schwab had/still has a condo. Denlay apparently owns another property in Tehama County – so what? The entire time Ann Schwab sat on Chico City council, even serving as mayor, she owned, and still owns, a gi-normous mansion in Forest Ranch, with her husband Bud. I outed that years ago, and found out it was perfectly legal. Likewise, as confirmed by city clerk Debbie Presson, Denlay’s residence was perfectly legal. I would assume she stepped down due to the harassment of the man who admittedly watched her apartment patio, like some kind of pervert, and reported on her personal activities. This just shows the liberals will stoop to unbelievable ends to harass their opponents. Too bad Kami pussed out, I would have sought a restraining order for the pervert. But her brother Keaton Denlay has no culpability here, this is just more smack talk from the Chico Democrats. Put a sock in it Karen, your breath smells like cat food.

On another note, here’s just one letter that shows how little Chicoans know about districting.

I appreciate the work and discussion that went into creating new voting districts for Chico. A few folks worked really hard on them, so the rest of us wouldn’t have to. This city has been buffeted by catastrophes, with salt ground into our wounds by political partisanship. At the city council meeting April 5, Alex Brown did an outstanding job illuminating differences between the three maps under consideration, with visuals demonstrated by Gallegos (the city-hired demographer). These kinds of maps can be hard to wrap your head around.

I was shocked that the city council voted 5-2 to support the most divisive map, and not the more neutral option 5B proposed by the demographer. Map 6C will leave voters scratching their heads trying to figure out which district they are in, and it clearly fractures the center of Chico. For anyone who has ever lived in the Barber or Chapmantown neighborhoods, to claim Merriam Park is a similar community is stunning in its blindness. To state that NE and SE Chico are the only areas where residents are actively concerned about fire prevention is ludicrous. I will be in twisted District 7, with three Camp Fire survivor households on my block, less than two miles from the eastern edge of Camp Fire footprint, and half a mile from the Eucalyptus thicket at the Forest Avenue entrance to Bidwell Park. This new voting map for Chico will deepen our political polarization, just as the polarizing Butte County map has done.

— Adrienne Edwards, Chico

I’ll tell you what shocks me about this letter – this woman is a college professor and she thinks districting is supposed to take into consideration WHO lives in the district, instead of HOW MANY. That is the problem, both the liberals and the conservatives want to GERRYMANDER. They think it’s okay to go through acrobatics to draw districts around people that vote the same, instead, they are supposed to divide the population into equal size groups and give each of them a representative who lives in that district. Reading the following article from KRCR Ch 7, I see the media is spreading the same misinformation.


The first problem I have with this article is the mention of the hiring of a consultant. Did they mention the consultant that’s been hired to run Chico’s pending sales tax measure? No. The city hires consultants constantly, and then oftentimes doesn’t take up their suggestions. And, as has been discussed several times over the last year, community members are allowed by law to submit maps for consideration. Sounds like Ch 7 has a dog in this fight, but there’s a lot of other problems with this article.

CHICO, Calif. — Redistricting is wrapping up in the Northstate. The City of Chico has officially adopted new electoral districts after Tuesday night’s meeting that will be in place for the next 10 years.

The process may not have yielded the screaming and gerrymandering accusations seen at the county and public school district levels in Butte County, but $19,500 of Chico taxpayer dollars were spent on a demographer whose map wasn’t chosen.

The council instead chose a map drawn by community member and leader of the group One Chico, Nichole Nava. Map 6C, as it’s been referred to, was one of three final maps in the running that a council majority believes best represent the city’s communities of interest. The other two included another community member-drawn map and one drawn by the hired demographer.

There it is – “best represent the city’s communities of interest” That is not what districting is supposed to be about. According to Brittanica, districting should accomplish “two tenets of electoral apportionment—compactness and equality of size of constituencies.” That’s it, no race, no political affiliations, no income levels. Considering “communities of interest” is GERRYMANDERING. Districts “must be apportioned on a population basis.

From KRCR – “To avoid the appearance of any partisan leaning, some speakers at the meeting urged for the demographer’s map to be chosen. Despite those concerns, Vice Mayor Kasey Reynolds made the initial motion to adopt Map 6C, which was seconded by councilor Sean Morgan.

But Reynolds admits, “(The demographer) drew what he believed were the communities of interest…” What? No “interests” are supposed to be involved in this process, just NUMBERS. This is obviously why the map is so skewed – the consultant was trying to make the council happy, not draw fair districts. This whole process is completely wrong.

but I’m sure if you asked him and you asked 100 other people in Chico you would probably get 99 different answers. Does Cana (the Avenues) end on 11th, does Cana end on 12th or does it end at the channel?” says Reynolds outside her Downtown Chico business Wednesday morning. “There is no perfect answer, there is no perfect process and it wasn’t easy last time when we went through it, it’s not easy this time.”

Last time council drew the districts, the consultant actually went through contortions to keep sitting council members in their districts – the boundary on my district was jogged over to include Reynold’s house! According to Brittanica, that’s GERRYMANDERING – “ the practice of drawing the boundaries of electoral districts in a way that gives one political party an unfair advantage over its rivals ” It’s very obvious that whichever group is in power will draw districts to their own favor.

Reynolds just keeps putting her foot in her own doo-doo.

“Reynolds argues that community members who submitted their own maps have knowledge of the city that any outside demographer simply does not. As for those nearly $20,000, she says the demographer instead acted as a guide through the legal process, though adds there never was an intention to specifically choose a non-demographer drawn map.”

The only knowledge you need to draw districts is population. This process has been completely hijacked.

Given Laslo and Edwards’ letters, it’s obvious we can’t count on the Enterprise Record to sieve out the bullshit, they print anything. The tv news is no more responsible. So we have to write our own letters. Do your research, don’t just believe what you hear in the media, and then share the facts.