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EDD paying out “millions” in fraudulent claims – who you gonna blame? Sign the petition to recall Governor Newsom

30 Nov

Monday after Thanksgiving weekend – almost like a hangover, huh? Tired of turkey, tired of the relatives, tired of sleeping and watching tv – time to bust out and start the week right! If you haven’t signed the petition to recall Gavin Newsom, maybe four days of house arrest might have been just what you needed.

Remember, you can print the petition out, sign it, and send it back –

But if you are craving human interaction, there are businesses around town that have petitions for you to sign, or will take your petition to send in for you. You want to support local business? Sign this petition.

Every now and then, there is a signing “event”, I’ll try to keep you posted of those. Butte County proponents need a little over 10,000 signatures by March 2021, and they have collected over 6,000. This is DOABLE!

Newsom is tanking our state, the most recent example – the scandal at the Employment Development Department.


First let’s remember that old Yiddish proverb – “When the fish stinks, it’s the head of the fish that stinks.” Let’s make this clear – the governor is the head of the California fish. Now read this shocking story from the California Globe.

“Tuesday District Attorneys from across California joined together for a press briefing hosted by Sacramento County DA Anne Marie Schubert and El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson, to expose the massive unemployment benefits fraud in jails and prisons in California. “This is perhaps the biggest fraud on taxpayers in California history,” DA Schubert said.”

According to KCRA news, https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/6-things-to-know-about-edd-fraud-involving-california-inmates/ar-BB1bkCpj

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, who heads the EDD Fraud Task Force, said tens of thousands of inmates are accused of scamming EDD, claiming upwards of $1 billion in unemployment already paid in their names.”

The big problem being, they are too quick to blame it on the inmates and their outside cohorts –

The task force said the fraud exists in every California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation institution at the local, state and federal level — and includes inmates who were convicted of various crimes.

How could this be possible without the cooperation of the employees who run these departments?

The task force said the fraud includes lone actors, organized rings and identity theft. Schubert believes the fraud was relatively easy because unlike 35 states, California did not regularly crosscheck EDD claims with prison rolls.”

There you have it – as with so many other public programs in California, there is no oversight. And that’s not only on the governor, but on the Attorney General, Javier Becerra. Becerra, like his predecessor Kamala Harris, has overlooked this scandal. Is that incompetence, or what?

And here’s what really stinks – “We’ve been hearing about fraudulent unemployment claims since the coronavirus pandemic lockdown was first ordered by Gov. Gavin Newsom in March. However, millions and quite possibly billions of dollars has been sent to inmates in California’s county jails, and state and federal prisons, while legitimate claimants are stiffed for months.

I know two people with legitimate claims for unemployment who have not had any satisfaction out of the EDD. They get a recording and no calls back on their months old claims, meanwhile, the county continues to shut down their jobs. How many people do you know that have tried to navigate the unemployment process without any success? We know the EDD is incompetent, can malfeasance be far behind?

This all comes down from the stinking head, Gavin Newsom. Get out there and sign that petition today.

This just in – most masks not only don’t protect you, they make it easier for you to spread the virus. And oh yeah, Butte County jail is a state COVID hotspot.

11 Aug

Duke University just studied 14 different types of face masks – using ultraviolet light, they photographed particles emitted from each type of face mask with a person inside it, just talking. I think the phrase they used was something like, “Be safe, wear a mask.” Even though they were using their “inside voices”, you could see not only tiny dust-like particles, but droplets of spit, little globules spinning and whirling into the air. It was enough to make me a confirmed hermit, for life. 

Like I expected, they found N95’s and REAL surgical masks (those with three layers) are the only ones that block a significant portion of human spray. I’m not sure if the surgical-looking masks they’ve been handing out at stores (given by the city of Chico) are that good, the one I brought home recently only seems to have two layers.  Those cloth masks that people have been making at home, as well as bandanas and “neck gaitors” (turtleneck face protectors used mainly for snow sports) ACTUALLY MAKE IT WORSE! They slice the spit droplets into many more, tinier droplets that last longer and fly farther.



Here’s an article that gives more information about N95’s and surgical masks.


The study shows that N95’s are really the only masks that protect both the wearer and others with whom he/she comes into contact. But have you tried to purchase a box of N95’s lately? I haven’t been able to find them in a box – OUT OF STOCK – but they’ll sell you ONE for as much as $5 per mask.  


And don’t reuse that – you may as well be stuffing used Kleenex in your pocket for another swipe. 

I remember hearing people say this in the very beginning, and I felt then it was true – masks give people a false sense of security, and they just step right into that 6 foot buffer zone. That just happened to me that last time I went to Winco to pick up groceries. And that’s important, because it is believed that with normal speaking and breathing, the virus can travel 3 – 5 feet. Some studies have shown that a cough or sneeze can travel up to 9 feet. And now we know most masks will not stop that.

So, any government that tells you to wear anything but an N95 or a real surgical mask is more concerned with your willingness to obey than your health. 

In other news, did you know there’s a “COVID hot spot” at the Butte County jail? KCRA reported 319 cases as of July 7. Here’s a more recent article from the Territorial Dispatch in Marysville/Yuba City.


“Within the past few weeks there has been a rapid increase in the number of lab confirmed COVID-19 cases within the Butte County Jail.” Most of these inmates are being cared for in the jail, but “When there is a need for an enhanced level of care, inmates are transported to local hospitals, but kept under observation by jail staff.”

Here’s the link for the Butte County jail website, where they post a daily update:


As of today, according to the website:

  •  Estimate of 583 total inmate tests completed with
      • 359 negative
      • 110 recovered

So, 583 total tests, with 359 negative, leaves 224 positives, with 110 recovered, that’s 114 inmates who are still positive? But it goes on to say, “BCJ currently has 31 positive in-custody inmate COVID-19 cases.” I’m sorry to be so thick, but I don’t get their math. Where did the other 83 infected inmates go? It says right there only one is in the hospital.  Are they releasing infected inmates? And if so, where are these people going? 

Finally, here’s the Butte County COVID website, updated daily.


As of today, 1280 confirmed cases countywide, with 959 recovered, 8 deaths, and 128 currently “in isolation”.  That means over 18% of Butte County cases were reported out of the jail, including 15 jail staffers. So I guess I’d call that “a hot spot”. 

Finally, this weeks news that California Public Health Director Sonia Angell has resigned over a scandal surrounding backlogged tests has confirmed my feeling that the state of California is not handling this crisis well at all.  First of all, there’s no accountability – she was just allowed to resign, and will probably be handed another lucrative position as soon as we forget her name. Second, Newsom announced the false news that cases were down and we could move into Phase 3 of reopening. As soon as local businesses were up and running, he announced he’d made a, gee, gosh, tiny mistake, slammed the door shut again, and struggling businesses all over the state went into a Swan Song. 

These people are unaffected by our little miseries, and they just don’t care. This is Newsom’s bid at the presidency, and he’s desperate to make a name for himself as a Great Leader. He’s desperate to make Trump look bad, and it’s just egg all over his own face.

Gavin, you blew it, I wouldn’t let you coach the Bad New Bears. That recall petition is still out there, they have until November to collect the required signatures.


Here’s a two week old interview with a Butte County representative of the recall group – Robin McCrea.



Finally, I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom, attributed to Winona Judd by way of Kinky Friedman – “Wash your hands, and say your prayers… ” cause the last person you should probably trust right now is your average government official.

Time to recall Newsom – he’s shutting down Water Works Park

16 Jul

This morning as I stumbled out of bed and looked at the sky, I realized – it’s Dog Days. I don’t care what science tells you – Dog Days is when people and dogs GO CRAZY.

Add the COnVID, and you got total insanity. 

I recommend staying home. But don’t listen to me – Water Works Park is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! But you better get your ass over there now, because our Fascist Leader and Nose Picker in Chief Gavin Newsom is ordering the place shut down on August 3.


If you are sick of this kind of “leadership”, sign the Recall Newsom petition. I signed it at a gathering recently, and I’m printing it out for my husband later today. Here’s the link with the instructions and form to print. The deadline is November 17 – don’t wait until the last minute. 

Update: June 28, 2020

Frankly, I’m sorry I haven’t spoken sooner – it’s funny how the little things are what tick a person off. Don’t mess with my Water Works Park Gavin!