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Open the meetings to the public, or stop having meetings until the Shut Down is over

15 May

At about 1:30 this morning I was awakened by a ping from my husband’s cell phone. It’s startling – the damned thing vibrates across the window sill above our bed, zzzzzzzzz! I always think, it’s one of our kids, that wakes me up fast. 

No, it’s SPAM from Chico Engaged!

lisa welch at May 15, 2020 at 1:39am PDT

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And  then, another ping, about an hour and a half later –

lisa welch at May 15, 2020 at 3:05am PDT

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The article this SPAMMER was posting on was posted two months ago, “Do NOT amend Ordinance 2466!”  There hasn’t been a legitimate comment on that posting since I responded to CHATter Charles Withun 18 days ago. That’s why I get the pings – I comment or vote on other’s comments. I tried to disable the notifications on my account, but they just keep coming. At whatever hour of day or night they are working in “the botnet”. 

I’ve notified the clerk, and I’ve spoken with others who have also notified the clerk. I know the clerk’s office is working hard at getting this system to function, and they’re frustrated, sure, but why don’t they just tell the city manager it’s NOT WORKING, and get us back into regular meetings? 

I have made this point several times to council. At the last meeting, Sean Morgan made a limp-wristed gesture toward opening the meetings.

“”at the next possible meeting…I’m not saying ALLOW it… but discuss having public attendance…”   That, Folks, is called, “posturing for your peanut gallery“. The rest of them voted unanimously to approve Morgan’s little gesture, because it didn’t amount to anything. Close your fly, Mr. Morgan, the show’s over, and will soon be forgotten. 

The meetings either need to end until the Shut Down is over, or they need to end the Shut Down and let the public back into the meetings.