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As city leaders posture over the coronavirus, the real epidemic in Chico is crime

28 Mar

This morning I saw the paper – my teeth are old, and my dentist told me, if I didn’t quit grinding them all the time he would be taking them out. So, I when I read the paper, or watch the local news, I’ve adopted the habit of holding my mouth open, teeth wide apart – I know, it looks stupid, but it’s going to save me a fortune in dental work.

Cause today, right there on the front page, was a picture of a business I remember since very young childhood. The door was covered with plywood – oh wow, just like the post office annex! There was council woman Kasey Reynolds, owner of Shuberts, flanked by Chief Sitting Lame Ass and Mayor Again? Ann Schwab. I wonder if Schwab was wondering what I was wondering – why didn’t they hit Campus Bicycles?

I’m just so sick of the lawlessness. Oh sure, I better not congregate with my congregation in church, and any business that dares to stay open is shamed, bullied, and threatened into closing up shop while still cajoled to pay their employees. But St. Patrick can continue to take over Downtown Plaza with his “feedings” and the NVHRC can still hand out free needles to heroin and meth addicts and dealers every Sunday.

Oh sure, you know the PUBLIC employees don’t miss a paycheck, even though they have been on reduced hours, most of them off on Fridays, since long before the Coronavirus Panic.

Wow, this is a lot better than grinding my teeth.

The president says it’s “time to get back to normal.” I agree. I think the county and city need to end their imaginary state of emergency, because it is creating a real state of emergency. So I wrote a letter to the editor  about it.

As city leaders posture over coronavirus, the real epidemic in Chico is crime. 

During the week of March 5, a fire was started in a trash bin inside the post office annex at the main branch on Vallombrosa.  There are over 3,000 mail boxes in that annex. The mail that was in the boxes on the night of the fire is still being held indefinitely while the matter is being investigated. Box holders are expected to line up at the main desk during business hours to collect their mail. I got no response from the police chief or the fire chief when I asked if any suspect was charged. 

Sometime overnight March 27 Shubert’s Ice Cream front door was taken off  by a person caught on security camera wearing a mask and using bolt cutters. This criminal act was done right out on a public street in a well-lit area. 

Whether or not Shuberts was a political target, criminals have become more brazen as the coronavirus shutdown continues, while the talking heads Downtown discuss “suspending the rules”. I agree with President Trump – this country needs to pull it’s collective head out of it’s collective ostrich hole and “get back to normal.” As long as transients are allowed to congregate for feedings at Downtown Plaza or free syringes at Humboldt Park, I think it’s safe to get out and have an ice cream with your friends, and talk about the upcoming election.