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It’s all about the pensions – just say NO! to tax increases

30 May

By the time you’re reading this, SCI, a consulting group, will have held two sessions at the Municipal Auditorium to convince Oroville residents how wonderful and profitable the marijuana industry will be for our city. That remains to be seen.

This is what we do know. Five Oroville city councilors took the vote on this issue out of the people’s hands. They are paying a consulting firm to stage an event so they can pretend they are listening to you and care what you think. The city is aggressively putting two tax measures on the November ballot, a sales tax and a marijuana tax. Leading up to the vote you will hear cries of insolvency, bankruptcy and public safety concerns. These are meant to nudge you into voting “yes” on both tax measures.

If the truth is to be known, this city’s No. 1 problem is the unaffordable mismanaged CalPERS retirement obligation. City councils cannot propose enough tax revenue to erase decades of unbridled incompetence by CalPERS managers or previous city councils who overpromised with no regard for taxpayer dollars.

The question is, should we give them more of our money, which at best, will only postpone the inevitable? Oroville city voters can choose to tax themselves once, twice or not at all. We get to decide if the city is overreaching once again.

— Lorraine Christensen, Oroville

This is why we don’t have a sales tax increase on the upcoming Chico ballot – because Tom Lando is too busy trying to push this measure through in O-ville. He’s tricky, but it’s tough to be in two places at one time. He’s hoping to shove through as many local tax increases as he can so we won’t be able to drive out to shop somewhere else.