Casey Aplanalp: Measure J “aims to sanctify years of theft”

3 Nov

From CTA member Casey Aplanalp:

Measure J is a devious attempt to legitimize the taxation on our cell phones that is currently not authorized. The City has been pilfering these monies for over a decade, last year taking in $900,000 alone. This is illegal, but if Measure J passes it will be as if we voted for these additional taxes years ago. It aims to sanctify years of theft, and to continue doing so.
Not only does Measure J allow for cell phone taxes, it goes to include any and all technical modes of communication now and in the future, broadening the tax base. Furthermore, it would give the power to increase taxes to the City Finance director, bypassing voter approval. This is taxation without representation, and circumvents the democratic process. 
Supporters of Measure J call it a tax rate decrease while also claiming, incredibly, it to be revenue neutral. Supporters also claim it merely updates the verbiage, another lie. Of course, supporters claim the money goes to public safety, but there is nothing specifically written in the measure to support that claim. It is spent at the whim of current bureaucrats. 
Finally, Measure J was drawn up in the hopes of preventing a massive class action lawsuit against the City for the millions of dollars it has taken in over the years. Those behind Measure J have been dishonest with the public, but that is to be expected because they’ve been caught stealing from the public. Measure J deserves defeat. Vote NO on J.


THANKS CASEY!     And remember everybody, only you can prevent a massive takeover of our city, county, and state by the snout-nosed trough dwellers.  Don’t forget to VOTE! 


9 Responses to “Casey Aplanalp: Measure J “aims to sanctify years of theft””

  1. Joseph November 3, 2012 at 3:08 pm #

    Wow! Outstanding write up.

    Was this a letter that old Bobby Speer or little David Little refused to publish? It must be because what Casey says is true.

    And double Wow. I just realized the second through last letters of Casey’s last name are palindromic.

    • Juanita Sumner November 3, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

      Actually, Casey has composed this opinion piece just for our little enterprise. I’m trying to get more people to chime in, and Casey was kind enough to start the ball rolling.

      Anytime you have even just a tip you want me to check out, let me know, but if you want to write up your own opinion piece, send it to “about” and I will cut and paste it into your own post. It will be “signed” whatever name you want to sign it. We are not allowed to make untrue claims about anybody, but we’re allowed to ask questions and vent our own opinions about true stuff. If I think it spells trouble, I won’t run it, but I’ll let you know exactly why and maybe it can be fixed.

      I’ve been busy with other stuff today – but I’ve also been trying to get something written up about that STF meeting I attended the other day. There’s another STF meeting next week, not to mention a council meeting with some important discussions. Busy, busy. I have all this weeding and transplanting to do, not to mention rain gutters stuffed full of crap and debris all over the place from that storm, but maybe tomorrow I’ll just mainline coffee and blog all day.

      I’ll tell you one thing – David Little and Robert Speer have their balls of brass to call themselves newsmen when they don’t bother to cover these meetings. There’s some serious shit going down in these ad hoc meetings. The print editors ought to be ashamed of themselves, Ch 12 too.

      Thanks Joseph!

      • Joseph November 3, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

        From your other blog which I forgot all about but did get somewhat caught up on, I understand that some of these STF meetings are for the most part secret.

        That is, they do not announce them to the public, they are often ad hoc and they do not take minutes.

        And they are often attended by bigwigs from outfits like Cal Water and PG&E.

        And apparently our city overlords don’t like it when you start asking questions about these meetings and what goes on in them.

        So maybe they should be called STFU meetings instead of STF meetings, but I digress.

        Anyhoo, you asked about why our overlords don’t want the public to know much, if anything, about these meetings.

        Well, I have noticed that much of this STF nonsense is exactly what the UN’s Agenda 21 is all about, namely the destruction of property rights and the control of the masses in the name of saving the environment.

        If the public truly knew and understood what Agenda 21 is all about there would be a revolution. (Or maybe not, the Amerikan public have pretty much become sheep, but there sure as hell should be a revolution.)

      • Juanita Sumner November 3, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

        STFU! Oh that’s beautiful, thankyouverymuch! I always thought “task force” said it all, but I’m going to call it the STFU from now on.

        It’s all very secretive alright. Agenda 21 is so scary, I think a lot of people just have a hard time dealing with it. It’s easier to let yourself get distracted with day to day life, tell yourself, “I can’t look away from the grindstone.”

        I am very thankful to have people like you and Stephanie Taber and Sue Hubbard and Casey Aplanalp and John Sayler and Toby Schindelbeck and all these people that keep these issues floating up to the service.

        I will finish my STFU blog tomorrow.

      • Juanita Sumner November 5, 2012 at 8:53 am #

        Hey Joseph, I finally got that STF meeting blogged, just in time for another meeting later today! check it out.

  2. Joseph November 3, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

    And I read on your other blog about that $54,000 “cost differential” the city council is sticking the taxpayers with to hire their new bureaucrat. Just curious why you didn’t cross post that here.

    Anyway, are they idiots or crooks on the city council? Are they just totally clueless? Don’t they realize $54000 is about a third MORE than the average Butte County household income and the $54000 is JUST the extra this guy costs the city over what Burkland cost, not the new guy’s total salary and benefits package.

    And the disturbing thing is that both Evans and Sorensen signed off on this nonsense.

    And you were smart to stop reading old Bobby Speer’s paper. He goes on about how wonderful the fiscal management of the city is and goes off on Evans’ ad which mentions some of the fiscal idiocy (although the hiring fiasco of the new bureaucrat is not one of them, of course).

    You really have to tie your hands behind your back when reading old Bobby Speer’s paper or you’ll tear your hair out.

    • Juanita Sumner November 4, 2012 at 6:21 am #

      I must try to sort out my two blogs – sometimes I can’t remember where I posted something. I had intended for “worldofjuanita” to be about gardening and cooking and bird watching, but you know me, I can’t stop thinking about all this crap Downtown, even when I try. It just rears itself up whenever I let my guard down.

      “Anyway, are they idiots or crooks on the city council?” Now, there’s the $64 question. Or, let’s say, the $164,000 question, you know, accounting for “inflation.” “Inflation” is caused when public workers jack their salaries ahead of the taxpayers, causing the price of everything from gas to groceries to housing to go right through the roof. That’s what they’ve done in Chico, and there’s just no stopping it.

      Yes, Sorensen and Evans signed new manager Brian Nakamura’s contract. Sorensen told me he thought it was money well spent, telling me he thinks Nakamura will bring down the other salaries. Oh really? How is that okay Mark? Sorensen acts as though he’s hiring an out of town killer.

      Sorensen shouldn’t run again, he’s through as far as I’m concerned. And I already regret voting for Evans after what I found out at that STF meeting the other day. He’s a Rhino and a tool. They are both bad news. It looks like Chico is headed for bankruptcy.

      I guess I better start researching, what happens to the average person/homeowner/small business when their town declares bankruptcy?

      • Joseph November 4, 2012 at 8:49 am #

        Agenda 21 AND bankruptcy. And I’m sure there will be a Lando sales tax increase if some have their way. It’ll be Scwabtastic. I can’t even imagine another 4 years of Scwab.

        The Schwabola piles up so fast here you need wings to stay above it.

      • Juanita Sumner November 5, 2012 at 5:56 am #

        Well, speaking of Schwabola, here it is, day before the election, and no ugly last-minute hit-mailer from the Demos? Could it be that Mike Worley and Bob Mulhullond have finally learned their lesson after that last fine?

        Or did I just miss it?

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