Why is Jerry Brown screaming at elementary school children? And there’s our Mayor, partying while she’s supposed to be working.

5 Nov

The photo below is taken from the LA Times


Gov. Jerry Brown Gov. Jerry Brown speaks in support of Proposition 30 at an elementary school in San Diego. (Lenny Ignelzi / Associated Press / October 23, 2012)

Ann blew off a meeting I attended to party with the Moonbeam at Chico State Thursday.  The friend who took this photo also got some pretty hilarious footage of Ann dancing backstage. Shake that money maker Honey – but watch out, an ass that size is liable to be dangerous in a crowd. 




2 Responses to “Why is Jerry Brown screaming at elementary school children? And there’s our Mayor, partying while she’s supposed to be working.”

  1. Joseph November 5, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    The Old Brown Buzzard came up to CSU Chico and bribed college students to pass his tax increases. He offered them $250 if it passes and tuition increases if it doesn’t.

    Well, speaking of Schwabola, here it is, day before the election, and no ugly last-minute hit-mailer from the Demos? Could it be that Mike Worley and Bob Mulhullond have finally learned their lesson after that last fine?

    Or did I just miss it?

    Well did you miss this on the front of the ER Web site:

    City Council to consider Climate Action Plan on election night
    By ASHLEY GEBB – Staff Writerchicoer.com
    Posted: 11/05/2012 12:13:03 AM PST

    CHICO — While many people are huddled around televisions or computers Tuesday night, eagerly awaiting election results, the Chico City Council will be holed up in chambers to tackle the final draft of the 2020 Climate Action Plan and other issues.

    Final draft??? What the heck kind of Schwabola is in it and how much is it going to cost us???

    • Juanita Sumner November 6, 2012 at 6:38 am #

      Yes, the Climate Action Plan has been kicking around behind closed doors for a few years now. That’s what these stupid Sustainability Task Force meetings have been about all this time. I quit attending when I realized nobody else in town gave a damn what was going on. Now they will pass it. It will change the way we develop our town, and make it more costly to live in Chico, while at the same time lowering our quality of life. There’s stuff in there about raising building density and narrowing streets, a “more compact urban core”, requiring businesses to do all kinds of crap to be able to locate here, etc. It’s a life-quality and job killer – a town killer. And it’s coming to Chico.

      I know you pay attention, but the rest of the lemmings are asleep at the wheel, and liking it.

      The only way we can stop this shit, is to get Schwab off council. I’m not holding my breath.

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