At last we’re talking nuts and bolts on employee contracts – ER does a story on vacation and sick day accrual

28 Sep

I was pleasantly surprised to see Ashley Gebb’s story on city employees’ accrued sick and vacation days turning into massive payments at lay-off time. Wow, at last the media is paying attention to these insane city contracts.

Gebbs explains  how employees accrue unused vacation and sick days, and then get paid for all these unused days when they leave.  Think about that – they already  got paid for those days. This system allows an employee to get paid twice for one work day.  Chris Constantin makes it sound onerous – these people aren’t getting vacations!  Hey, that’s their choice, and it works out pretty good for them if you ask me.  Gebb’s reports that this round of layoffs cost over $80,000 in vacation and sick leave payments. 

What Gebbs doesn’t mention is, those contracts are  being hashed over right now, to  be negotiated in December. It’s never too early to write to council and let them know just what you don’t like about the employee contracts. You can see those here:

I will bring copies of contracts to the next Chico Taxpayer’s meeting so we can discuss a list of items we can forward to council. The next CTA meeting is postponed to the Second Sunday in October, the 13th. 


2 Responses to “At last we’re talking nuts and bolts on employee contracts – ER does a story on vacation and sick day accrual”

  1. Marty September 28, 2013 at 2:15 pm #

    How did they get paid twice not to mention that is horrible for the employees who lose their jobs. Get the facts before you spread lies. The vacation accrued from time on the job and federal law requires the payment at termination.

    • Juanita Sumner September 28, 2013 at 2:40 pm #

      They get paid twice because they work their regular days without taking vacation. At the end they get paid again for those vacation days they never took – they already got paid for those days Marty. Federal law requires we offer paid vacation days, it’s the contracts – which I did not approve or sign, or even read before approval – that require we pay for vacation days that don’t get taken. And, I don’t care what Constantin says about employees being forced to give up vacation time and take payment instead – no, they can insist on taking the time off when they want it – that’s the law Marty – but they give in because they know it will add to their retirement or termination pay-out.

      It’s not my fault people are getting laid off. I’ve been telling everybody all along, the salaries, benefits, and pension packages were/are still unsustainable. I’ve been screaming for management to take cuts and keep the lower paid workers, and instead they gave themselves a raise. They didn’t listen to me – instead they ate their Golden Goose. I’m sorry? No.

      I won’t accuse you of lying Marty, just being ignorant.

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