Bits and pieces – of asses and asskickers!

5 Dec

Just a few notes:

 I sent an e-mail to the Butte County supervisors recently, and got a much welcome response from my Third District Super,  Maureen Kirk. Maureen says they will be sending a letter of protest to the CPUC, it’s in the consent agenda for the December 10 meeting. I will keep an eye out for the agenda on the Butte County website to get the time specific and see if there’s any reason to pull the item. I haven’t written to the Chico Council yet, but will soon.

Take a look at Melissa Daugherty’s column in today’s News and Review –   Holy Cop Flap BatMom! “This whole flap is a result of the very contentious negotiations taking place between the CPOA and the city. Stone, who sits on the Police Community Advisory Board, has been the City Council’s most vocal member when it comes to pointing out that the city’s budget deficit is tied to the unsustainable pay and benefits packages that were afforded to public-safety employees when Chico was the land of milk and honey—or at least governed that way. The city can no longer afford them.”  Thanks to Daugherty for jump starting this conversation, I hope we can keep it rambling long enough to generate some citywide interest.

I will give these gals the “Asskicker of the Week” award. 

 Interesting item at Tuesday’s council meeting – Sean Morgan questioned a $6,000 raise for a $32,000 clerk who has been doing work beyond their job description, suggesting the clerk be given a promotion that entailed performance of those duties, but no pay raise. Council just gave the police department promotions with raises, what’s with that?  They gave Sergeant George Laver a promotion to Lieutenant knowing he would retire within a year, taking 90 percent of a salary for a position he held for less than a year.  The excuse? They said he was already doing work beyond his job description.

Well, he was getting paid beyond his job description too, they don’t mention that. As a sergeant, Laver’s base pay was about $95,000/year, but he was able to keep it around $120,000/year with overtime. That’s more than a lieutenant’s base salary, so how could Laver have been doing work beyond $120,000 as a sergeant? Bionic Man? But I think I’ve figured it out. I used to think “spiking” meant, running up one’s salary, and therefore their pension, with overtime. Some states allow “public safety” workers to do this, but I’ve been told it’s not allowed in California. So,  Laver would have retired at 90% of $95,000.  Now I find, “spiking” can also mean, last minute promotion to a higher salary. This has been done in Chico many times, I always wondered – why would they promote some of these chiefs so close to retirement age?  Well, there it is. Now Laver will retire at 90% of about $103,000. It might sound nickel and dime, but Laver’s just a drop in the bucket – they do this every day in police departments and other “public safety” agencies every day, and we pay for it.  

But Sean Morgan will deny a $32,000 clerk a $6,000 raise, saying “public safety should come first”  Well, maybe he should give the police department his $6,000+ city council salary, along with the $8,000+ spent on his benefits package, which he receives in addition to his public salary and benefits from Chico State. 

Morgan and Laver get the “Jackass of the Week” award.

Chico PD:  Yer getting a little close to our feed bucket there, Missy!

Chico PD: Yer getting a little close to our feed bucket there, Missy!

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