Calling all roustabouts – come on down and help me set up chairs for Bob Evans, candidate, Butte County Dist 3

23 Jan

A reminder that Bob Evans will be our guest this Sunday, Jan. 26, at NOON, at the Chico library. Come on down – the library opens at one o’clock, so you will be right on deck. 

I am hoping Bob will talk about the issues facing Butte County, with a special light on District 3, which encompasses a large chunk of Eastern Chico, as well as hill communities Cohasset and Forest Ranch.

Right now, Maureen Kirk is our Dist. 3 supervisor.   She will be our guest on  CORRECTION Feb 16, also at noon.  I have another tentative for March but I haven’t had a hard confirmation on that. I also have a tentative for May. I’ll try to find somebody for April. I have contacted Bill Connelly, who has filed papers to run against Al Petersen for Assessor, and he had promised he’d speak as soon as he filed, but now he’s not getting back to me.  I’ll keep poking him in the ass with what a good time we had with Al. He really has some explaining to do, we’ll see if I can nag him in. 

I’m hoping to get a good crowd out to reward these people for their time. I want a good conversation, and some answers to our questions about county business. They just spent a lot of time on a highly publicized marijuana ordinance. Meanwhile, they’re transferring water to Southern California subdivisions, while allowing Cal Water to use Chicoans like a herd of cash cows. That’s just the issue  that’s on my mind this morning – look at these agendas, meetings that go on all day – there’s some serious business going on in Oroville, and we need to know more about it. There’s also the trash franchise zones and problems in the district attorney’s office. They also do the same kind of “budget adjustments” and “supplemental budget increases” that are done in Chico. 

So, read over an agenda or two, watch a meeting, and find yourself a question, or at least be ready to understand the issues. If you are handy with the issues yourself, it’s harder for somebody to feed you a line of horse puckey.

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