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Calling all roustabouts – come on down and help me set up chairs for Bob Evans, candidate, Butte County Dist 3

23 Jan

A reminder that Bob Evans will be our guest this Sunday, Jan. 26, at NOON, at the Chico library. Come on down – the library opens at one o’clock, so you will be right on deck. 

I am hoping Bob will talk about the issues facing Butte County, with a special light on District 3, which encompasses a large chunk of Eastern Chico, as well as hill communities Cohasset and Forest Ranch.

Right now, Maureen Kirk is our Dist. 3 supervisor.   She will be our guest on  CORRECTION Feb 16, also at noon.  I have another tentative for March but I haven’t had a hard confirmation on that. I also have a tentative for May. I’ll try to find somebody for April. I have contacted Bill Connelly, who has filed papers to run against Al Petersen for Assessor, and he had promised he’d speak as soon as he filed, but now he’s not getting back to me.  I’ll keep poking him in the ass with what a good time we had with Al. He really has some explaining to do, we’ll see if I can nag him in. 

I’m hoping to get a good crowd out to reward these people for their time. I want a good conversation, and some answers to our questions about county business. They just spent a lot of time on a highly publicized marijuana ordinance. Meanwhile, they’re transferring water to Southern California subdivisions, while allowing Cal Water to use Chicoans like a herd of cash cows. That’s just the issue  that’s on my mind this morning – look at these agendas, meetings that go on all day – there’s some serious business going on in Oroville, and we need to know more about it. There’s also the trash franchise zones and problems in the district attorney’s office. They also do the same kind of “budget adjustments” and “supplemental budget increases” that are done in Chico. 

So, read over an agenda or two, watch a meeting, and find yourself a question, or at least be ready to understand the issues. If you are handy with the issues yourself, it’s harder for somebody to feed you a line of horse puckey.


Trying to get more candidates for our forum – sign up for our contact list

17 Jan

I’ve been busy lately with this project I’ve undertaken to get as many local candidates as I can down to the Chico library before the election. I’m trying not to get panicky, but every once in a while I realize how many seats are up between the city and the county, and how there’s only about nine months before the election.

But today my momentum came to a screech when a lady who’s running for a county seat reminded me – she would hate to prepare for a presentation and drive from her home elsewhere in the county, on a Sunday, to talk to an empty room.

I don’t know how to convince her that people will come.  I don’t know how to convince myself, I worry before every meeting.  No, the room was not packed to overflowing for Al Petersen’s chat, but the conversation was rich and genuine, and everybody there was engaged. I don’t want to make light of this person’s personal time, but I feel, this is the way you generate interest – talk to a small group, and send them out to talk to others. It’s easier to engage a small group, look everybody in the face.  But, I still see her point.  So, I’m asking people to start yakking up this series, talk to me, send me a note here (either click on the comments button on this post or go to “Contact Us Here!” at the upper right hand corner of the blog), and let me know if you’re interested in being on the notice list for this series. I  think if I could tell prospective candidates that I have a notice list of serious citizens, they would be more likely to sign up.

This list would only pertain to this speaker series, and I would be careful to keep it confidential. I always send to myself with the list on bcc. It’s also a good idea to tune into the blog, I will post the notices here too. And help me out, tell your friends. We have the opportunity to hire the people that run the county, not political offices but practical positions that directly affect our lives. We should get to know what these positions entail, and get to know the people that will be filling them.

Don’t forget, Bob Evans, Jan. 26, noon to one pm, Chico library. 

Stuff to watch for in 2014

31 Dec

Today, the last day of 2014, I’d like to run over a few things to remember in 2014.

  • After today, city of Chico employees are ‘working without a contract.” Their current contract expires at midnight.   The talks have been going on since last Spring, informally, and behind closed doors. The only “sunshine” we’ve received was at the June 18th council meeting, at which the police proposed that they would pay the “employee’s share” of their benefits (9 percent) if the city gave them raises in pay to cover the expense. That proposal was tossed, thankyouverymuch. Since then, all I can get out of anybody is “I can’t discuss it.”  But, we need to lay it heavy on our council members to make the public safety and management employees pay AT LEAST their 9 percent share, and they better get ready to come up with more than that. CalPERS constantly raises the share they demand from the employer, it’s the employer who is left to decide how much the employee will pay. In this case, that’s your council, and if they don’t come up with some better contracts, well, read on.
  • there’s a primary coming in June, and a general election in November. In the city of Chico, we have three council seats – Sorensen, Gruendl and Goloff –  up for grabs.  At the county, we have two supervisors,  clerk/recorder,  assessor,  auditor,  DA,  sheriff/coroner, treasurer/tax collector, and superintendent of schools all open to challengers.  So far, none of the council members has announced plans to run, as far as I know, and Andrew Coolidge has again thrown his hat in the ring for one of their seats.  County supervisors Larry Wahl (Dist 2) and Maureen Kirk (3) both have opponents – I don’t remember the name of the guy who is running against Wahl, but Bob Evans has filed papers to run against Kirk. Alan Petersen, of the Sutter County Assessor’s office, has announced his candidacy for current Assessor Fred Holland’s job, but I haven’t heard for sure that Holland will be running. Undersheriff Kory Honea will run for Sheriff, but I don’t know if Jerry Smith also intends to run for re-election.
  • CARD is still looking for a way to fund their plans for an aquatic center, telling a small group of wishful thinkers that they needed to wait for the state legislature to pass amendments that would change the voting requirements for new taxes from 2/3’s to 51 percent. Those amendments are expected to be passed by a Democratic majority sometime next month. Meanwhile, a committee has formed to carry the torch to the public, the first meeting will be held Jan. 7 at 6:30 pm, at the CARD center.  Of course, having spent so much time and trouble trying to get Visconti to send me e-mail notice, I will not be able to attend that meeting. I’ve sent a note around to those on my mailing list (if you want to be on that please contact me here) and hope one or more of them will attend, you should too.
  • Chico Taxpayers Association is changing it’s meeting schedule. We realized, the first Sunday of the month falls right ahead of a lot of important city committee meetings that we like to attend and talk about. So, I’ve scheduled the January meeting for the Second Sunday, and we’ll probably be moving it to the Third Sunday before too long. I’ll keep you posted. January meeting – Jan. 12, 1pm, Chico Library.  We are trying to arrange for Butte County Assessor Candidate Alan Petersen to come in and talk to us about the assessor’s duties. 

I hope you will all make a New Year’s resolution to get more involved in local government this year. Like Sue Hubbard always says, it’s locally that you can make the biggest difference. She’s right.