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Trying to get more candidates for our forum – sign up for our contact list

17 Jan

I’ve been busy lately with this project I’ve undertaken to get as many local candidates as I can down to the Chico library before the election. I’m trying not to get panicky, but every once in a while I realize how many seats are up between the city and the county, and how there’s only about nine months before the election.

But today my momentum came to a screech when a lady who’s running for a county seat reminded me – she would hate to prepare for a presentation and drive from her home elsewhere in the county, on a Sunday, to talk to an empty room.

I don’t know how to convince her that people will come.  I don’t know how to convince myself, I worry before every meeting.  No, the room was not packed to overflowing for Al Petersen’s chat, but the conversation was rich and genuine, and everybody there was engaged. I don’t want to make light of this person’s personal time, but I feel, this is the way you generate interest – talk to a small group, and send them out to talk to others. It’s easier to engage a small group, look everybody in the face.  But, I still see her point.  So, I’m asking people to start yakking up this series, talk to me, send me a note here (either click on the comments button on this post or go to “Contact Us Here!” at the upper right hand corner of the blog), and let me know if you’re interested in being on the notice list for this series. I  think if I could tell prospective candidates that I have a notice list of serious citizens, they would be more likely to sign up.

This list would only pertain to this speaker series, and I would be careful to keep it confidential. I always send to myself with the list on bcc. It’s also a good idea to tune into the blog, I will post the notices here too. And help me out, tell your friends. We have the opportunity to hire the people that run the county, not political offices but practical positions that directly affect our lives. We should get to know what these positions entail, and get to know the people that will be filling them.

Don’t forget, Bob Evans, Jan. 26, noon to one pm, Chico library. 

Don’t be a Mole Rat!

11 Jan

It’s good to see other places and how they do things. I just visited a town that declared bankruptcy a few years ago when sued for millions by a developer in a breach of agreement over a land deal. I was surprised to find, they are still standing, but things aren’t exactly good for the little town of Mammoth Lakes.

As I recall, a major factor in that lawsuit was lack of snow for the last few years running. The town depends on tourism, mainly snow tourists, and when they don’t have snow, they don’t get tourists. Most of the people who ski Mammoth can just as easily head for Utah.  Tuesday I heard a report on the local news that occupancy, over a period considered Winter vacation by rich people, was only 20 percent, down from 28 percent the same weekend a year ago. Well, I could tell you, from looking, the snow is down about 80 percent, no brainer.

So, they got a perfect lack of storm. Right in the middle of a dry spell, while they held their collective breath trying to stay within a $19 million annual budget, a disgruntled developer decided to sue. I myself would have waited til it started snowing again. Developer lost, and the town was able to divert their bankruptcy proceedings.  But, they’re hardly out of the woods, and the workers I saw all acted as though they have a perpetual sword hanging over their heads. They tried to be friendly, but you could tell, it was an effort to put on a smile, not much to smile about when you can’t afford to pay your heating bill. There’s no snow, but it was still in the 30’s during the day. In a place like that, you can’t afford to have a poorly paying job.

All over California, cities and towns are suffering the effects of the Pension Storm. Hey, I been through droughts – back in the 70’s, we said, “Shower with a Friend!” This is a different kind of drought. The public workers have cleaned out the kitty with their outrageous pensions, and here we sit, being told we need to pay more taxes and accept less service in return. All for their outrageous salaries, benefits and pensions. Especially the pensions. That’s the cherry on top for me. When I realize, these people actually believe we owe them a perpetual living, I have a compulsive episode of Archie Bunker behavior. I want to say, “You are a meathead, dead from the neck up, meat… head…”

As usual, Council and Staff are holding the contract talks behind closed doors because they don’t want us to see what a pack of meatheads they are. We see the proposals but we don’t hear the conversations full of threats and rainbow promises.  Let’s face it, our council members are afraid of public safety “workers”. In every election, Chico Police Officers’ Association spends the most money. Sometimes they give it directly to the candidate that mouths their line, like that idiot Sean Morgan. Other times they wage an ad campaign threatening to cut off services if they don’t get their contract demands – “The gangs are hiring…” Oh bullshit, you little pussies. I checked into that, and the  gangs are not offering don and doff pay, free gym membership, fully-paid health insurance, or pension plans paid 50-100% by the taxpayers. They don’t even have a clubhouse where you can take a shower and send the bill for your hot water to the city of Chico taxpayers. Chico PD is the biggest, best paid, most ridiculously pandered to and  most threatening gang in our town, and they’re a lot more exclusive than the little kids they lord over.

Then there’s the fire department. Ask a cop about that – Kirk Trostle said it – they get paid to watch tv, play video games and sleep. We pay 50-100% of their pensions, and most of their health benefits. We even pay for them to be kept in a rest home later, when their kids get sick of them.

I’ve read the new contracts, and I’m not happy about a lot of stuff, including the five year lifetime. I think they should never give more than a year at a time – we’ve been through this so many times. When we allow them to make these longer-term contracts, they end up getting in trouble almost immediately. They never seem to have any foresight, just a big foreskin pulled neatly over their heads. Mole rats.

We need to pay extra attention this election. Please come down to the library tomorrow, 1 pm,  to meet a guy who wants to be your tax assessor. Stop voting blind, Mole Rat.

Ever wonder how your house is assessed and your property tax bill figured? Well come on down to the library Sunday and ask Butte County Assessor Candidate Alan Petersen

5 Jan

Here we are in a new year – and hey, it’s an Election Year!  In June, the primaries, and then on to General Election November 2014. 

Something I always forget is how many of our county officers we elect. It’s really an awesome opportunity and an awesome responsibility to be able to hire at least some of the people who run our bureaucracy. More of a chance  than we get Downtown, I’ll tell you that.

These are important officers of the public trust, and I’m going to admit it right here – I don’t have a real handle on the job descriptions or the responsibilities that go along with these positions. Here is the description of the Assessor’s duties from candidate Alan Petersen’s pamphlet:

“The county Assessor works to accurately complete the ‘roll,’ which is a list of all taxable Butte County properties, property owners and property values.”

Yeah, I know, this guy should be my enemy. I mean, I hate paying excessive taxes, right? Well, as I see it, the Assessor is there to make sure my assessment is correct and fair. 

 “The County Assessor’s office is the first step in making sure that Butte County receives it’s fair share of public services,” Petersen continues.  “You want to be sure you are accurately taxed on the property you own in Butte County. As a county resident or business owner, you also want to ensure you are getting the best value for the county services that you pay for …”

When I spoke to Petersen recently, he said he wants to start his campaign by educating the voters about the job he wants, and how he wants to do it. I invited him to our next Chico Taxpayer’s meeting, next Sunday, Jan 12, at a different time than usual – 1 pm, just as the library is opening. Petersen hopes to greet some interested voters, and give a quick overview of how the office works. 

He is also asking folks to sign his petition to get on the ballot – this will save him money on his candidate registration fee, a way we can all help to cut election costs. You don’t have to endorse him or even vote for him later, but you can sign his petition to give him a chance to run. In this way, we can all learn more about what we’re actually supposed to be looking for in an employee, while learning more about the candidate. 

I think if we get a good turnout and we are nice and hospitable, we can get more candidates to come in and talk about their jobs and what they can do for us. That’s Sunday, January 12, 1pm at Chico branch library, corner of Sherman and First Avenues, Chico.