We’ve got to get that gavel away from Gruendl – he’s a danger to himself AND the public!

15 Feb

 put up a great post the other day of the last council meeting a couple of weeks ago, during which Mayor Scott Gruendl used his gavel like a tomahawk.   That guy, he’s just drunk on his own power trip.  Watch for yourself, the gals posted the footage from the meeting.


People don’t pay enough attention to Scott Gruendl, and they really should. If you get to know him like I have, you see, he’s a creepy, weird little jerk, with delusions that we are all so lucky to have a guy like him, we absolutely aren’t worthy. 

Hey, did you ever watch the original film, Anastasia? Ingrid Bergman plays a mysterious woman claiming to be the lost Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, and Helen Hayes plays the  grandmother who must decide if this woman is the child she knew many years before.  Near the end, when the Hayes character feels it’s impossible to know, she watches the younger woman scold a soldier – “How dare you light a cigarette in my presence!” She immediately decides that this young woman really is her granddaughter, telling her, she had shown a streak of royal bearing that was impossible to fake. 

Well, we may have found Anastasia’s lost brother Alexei – in Scott Gruendl, our royal mayor. He treats Mary Fitch like she’s a child, trying to get away with something.  Not only have I seen him and other mayors allow many people to go well over the illegal three minutes,  also documented several specific incidences, including an incident at the same meeting. Scott is way out of line to stop Mary Fitch without any discussion, while allowing other speakers to go on at will. Watch for yourself.

2 Responses to “We’ve got to get that gavel away from Gruendl – he’s a danger to himself AND the public!”

  1. Quené February 16, 2014 at 9:14 pm #

    Thanks for the re-blog!

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