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We’ve got to get that gavel away from Gruendl – he’s a danger to himself AND the public!

15 Feb

 put up a great post the other day of the last council meeting a couple of weeks ago, during which Mayor Scott Gruendl used his gavel like a tomahawk.   That guy, he’s just drunk on his own power trip.  Watch for yourself, the gals posted the footage from the meeting.


People don’t pay enough attention to Scott Gruendl, and they really should. If you get to know him like I have, you see, he’s a creepy, weird little jerk, with delusions that we are all so lucky to have a guy like him, we absolutely aren’t worthy. 

Hey, did you ever watch the original film, Anastasia? Ingrid Bergman plays a mysterious woman claiming to be the lost Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, and Helen Hayes plays the  grandmother who must decide if this woman is the child she knew many years before.  Near the end, when the Hayes character feels it’s impossible to know, she watches the younger woman scold a soldier – “How dare you light a cigarette in my presence!” She immediately decides that this young woman really is her granddaughter, telling her, she had shown a streak of royal bearing that was impossible to fake. 

Well, we may have found Anastasia’s lost brother Alexei – in Scott Gruendl, our royal mayor. He treats Mary Fitch like she’s a child, trying to get away with something.  Not only have I seen him and other mayors allow many people to go well over the illegal three minutes,  also documented several specific incidences, including an incident at the same meeting. Scott is way out of line to stop Mary Fitch without any discussion, while allowing other speakers to go on at will. Watch for yourself.

Michael Jones: Police union plays hardball

7 Feb

Yes, we just watched Chico City Council approve police employee contracts that allow for salaries three to four times the median Chico income and only demand employees pay nine percent of their  total pension cost, and then saw Scott Gruendl turn around within two weeks and make a speech about how much financial trouble our city is in. 

Yes, the cops own Gruendl, and his friends Sorensen and Morgan, donating thousands of dollars to those three campaigns in every election, and/or spending as much on their endorsement. See for yourself, at Michael Jone’s blog, Chico Politics.


Here Jones has documented the inappropriate relationship between certain councilors and the police department. They get their talking heads elected, and they enjoy salaries in excess of towns in Marin and Napa counties where the median income is twice as much as Chico’s.

I know, friends of mine are incensed over Randall Stone’s outing of police officer Todd Boothe’s Facebook antics. What ever happened to the investigation we were promised? It got swept under the rug just like we said it would. Durfee wants Stone off the Police Advisory Board and out of any decisions involving the police department? Oh, come on. If that’s the case, then Sean Morgan needs to take the same door – he told me in an e-mail that he is very close friends with Peter Durfee, has known him since going to school with him here in Chico, and makes frequent ride-alongs with Durfee in his patrol car, at all hours of the night. When I asked Morgan if he could attend an August Sunday morning CTA meeting, he answered,

“I’ll chose a Sunday and come on down. I’ll give you a heads up. Won’t be this Sunday as I’ll be out with your favorite police officer until 4:00 AM.”  

If they want Stone out, then Morgan goes too.

Thanks Michael Jones and friends for going to a lot of trouble, a lot of research, and then putting it up in an easy-to-read format.