If the city is going to triple garbage collection rates, they need to provide a subsidy for low income. How does that figure in financially?

12 Mar


I e-mailed Brian Nakamura, Mark Sorensen, and Scott Gruendl about their new garbage tax. I forwarded to Chris Constantin to get his take on it. I’ll post any responses I get.



I’ve included the news editors because I haven’t seen anything about this in either paper.


I don’t know where you’re at with the garbage tax ordinance, but I thought I would remind you – if you are going to impose mandatory garbage service, you need to provide a subsidy for low-income. A rebate won’t cut it either, you need to subsidize at the time of service.


Of course, as in the case of PG&E and Cal Water subsidy programs, you will have to notify all those not included in the low-income program that they are paying for it. 


You can’t just raise the cost of a utility without thinking of the low income families. Sincerely, Juanita Sumner

And now folks, it is Cowabunga Time. 

If I never see you again, let me tell you what, it’s been swell!

6 Responses to “If the city is going to triple garbage collection rates, they need to provide a subsidy for low income. How does that figure in financially?”

  1. Festus March 12, 2014 at 10:24 pm #

    Hah, well lotsa luck on that one, Juanita.

    The Grundler, Nacky, and Soreson sure don’t give a rat’s behind about how much you’re gonna have to pay for garbage service and they sure don’t give a damn about the taxpayers who get stuck paying for the subsidies. These corrupt trough dwellers will do whatever is politically expedient for themselves.

    And hitting little David at the Wretched and what’s her name at the Snooze and Review over the head with a sledge hammer wouldn’t wake them up regarding the corruption in city hall.

    Anyhoo, “you get yer Obammiecare yet?” as someone here asked a while back. Or are they sticking you with Medi-Cal? I only mention it because I just heard tonight that we must bow down to Sebby, our healthcare czar and purchase Obammiecare or else…there will be NO EXTENSION of the mandate for we the peons. (Sound familiar? Being treated by the Feds just like the crooks in city hall.)

    And lotsa luck trying to find a doc who will accept a Covered California policy. Almost as bad as Medi-Cal, I’ve heard. Of course maybe it won’t make much difference with those huge deductibles. (I know of one person who has to pay $710 a month for her coverage and has a $6000 deductible.)

    Well, what the hell, even though Obammiecare will bankrupt the people and the gummit at least it makes morons like this happy…


    So I guess it’s all worth it, huh? But how will that moron afford the $6500 deductible? Judging by the knot on his noggin he’s gonna need to.

    • Juanita Sumner March 13, 2014 at 5:19 am #

      Howdy Festus!

      Mr. Gruendl did get back to me, saying that he too is worried about the low-income citizens.

      From Scott Gruendl: “Thank you. I look forward to hearing an update since I am not sure either. I like your idea/concern so thank you.

      I told him, if he’s concerned, he should just drop this ordinance, it’s an obvious revenue grab by the city. Does he really expect me to believe he’s concerned about low income? This is the same guy who rallied his neighbors and used his position as a city council member to stop a low-income housing project planned for right next to his Doe Mill neighborhood. He said it would lower his and his neighbors’ property values. The developer’s consultant told me it was Scott’s participation in the protest that made the company fold up their legs and go away – to North Valley Plaza! But now we’re supposed to believe he’s all concerned about the low-income folks? Scott, I’m not buying it.

      Especially after the comment he made from the dais, where he said that he’s paying for my hospital bills because I don’t participate in the Ginormous pyramid scam known as health insurance.That is a lie – first of all, he doesn’t pay for his own health insurance, we do. Second, as a public health officer, he knows more than anybody, the insured don’t pay any more of their hospital bill than the uninsured, the insurance company gets off paying between 10 and 20 percent, just like me and my family when we used to deal down.

      No, I don’t have my Obamacare – my family (“Congratulations!”) qualifies for Medi-Cal, which means, we qualify to impoverish ourselves paying off medical bills, and when we hit the gutter, they might pick up the tab for the disposal of our bodies. We could “upgrade” to the Bronze Plan – or, as Mr. Brown says in Reservoir Dogs, “The Shit Plan”. As a family of three, our deductible would be $12,000/year, with $800/month premiums. Yep, sounds like shit to me.

      Thanks for the musical interlude, I haven’t heard the Sohodolls for a month of Sundays!

      • Mary March 13, 2014 at 7:25 am #

        I can’t understand why they feel compelled to trade in a beat up old Chevy pickup for a brand new, fully loaded, top-of-the-line Mercedes — when the citizens clearly can’t afford to pay for it. Couldn’t they settle for a newer model Chevy pickup until times get better? I understand that the City needs revenues, and I understand that fees for services sometimes have to be increased, but this is ridiculous.

        What perhaps galls me the most is the double dip they will get from foisting services the City currently provides onto the haulers, the costs for which will necessarily be passed on to the citizens via increased fees, and 10% of which will go back to the City in additional revenues. Anybody think the taxpayers will get a refund of their General Fund dollars that currently pay for those services?

        I have a full-blown rant going on in my head that I just haven’t had time to organize and publish. So much garbage, so little time. Thanks for staying after them.

      • Juanita Sumner March 13, 2014 at 7:49 am #

        Oh my goodness – keeping your rant all penned up like that – I believe in free range rants. Can’t keep that rant cooped up like that all the time – unhealthy, unhealthy, unhealthy! Just let her rip Babeee!

        Plus, some men think it’s sexy, I’m guessing that’s why my old man is still hanging in there.

        Let’s try to write a “rant rap,” that would be funny as hell. You could go all MC on their asses! word up! I will spend the day listening to NWA, and get back to you (Naggesses With Attitude!)

  2. MaryLouise March 19, 2014 at 9:12 pm #

    The professional recommendation out of Sacramento, CA regarding waste management is: based on non-scientific info from C: “The impact on our streets alone of their trucks is far in excess of $160,000,” said Administrative Services Director Chris Constantin. “I think we owe it to the public to ensure we are receiving as much as we can from corporations that are making a profit on using the city’s franchises.”

    I say: What a bunch of crap. Our streets in Chico, CA are NOT maintained at all unless you call for pot holes to be filled. Look at Valembrosa near HWY 99; all those big Caltrans trucks have riddled the road with potholes; this is not due to garbage trucks; otherwise the deterioration of Valembrosa would be on the far right side of the road. Logic and science will prove the waste management trucks bear no more harm than road construction. Further, the analysis from Sacramento regarding competition is that if Butte County contracts with one firm our waste management rates double due to NO competition. I believe we deserve competitive rates not governed by one voice Nakamura or who ever you are?

    • Juanita Sumner March 20, 2014 at 6:52 am #

      Thank you for coming over – I agree, the garbage trucks are not solely responsible for the condition of our streets, Nakamura grasped that one out of the thin air.

      A few days ago, I watched a huuuuge Pepsi truck along Filbert Ave. I’ve seen them before, on Vallombrosa and other residential streets where they don’t belong, snaking around to avoid constricted intersections, and they probably like to avoid First Avenue all together. There is no enforcement of any kind of load restrictions on our streets.

      Which I found out when I started to notice the trash trucks were getting bigger and bigger. So big, they were ripping tree branches down trying to negotiate the easement I share with my neighbors. I’m sure the garbage trucks are bad for the streets, worse so since the city eliminated any kind of weight restriction for residential streets.

      I live right next to the freeway construction zone, and yeah, they had all kinds of crazy equipment in our neighborhood, and at various times, 18 wheelers hauling dirt and other materials in and out, right past my driveway. The city allows these vehicles whenever there’s a project on any street, houses going in, you can expect any kind of heavy equipment trolling your hood.

      And, I didn’t see the Sacramento analysis, but Recology manager Joe Matz came in to say he predicted rates would triple with all the new requirements. I can’t afford to pay that, so I’ve told them they need to come up with a plan to subsidize all the low-income people they are forcing onto three times as expensive trash service. I never got a response from Nakamura or Sorensen on that e-mail, but Gruendl said he was interested in hearing what staff came up with on that. I also asked Chris Constantin what he thought that would cost, but I don’t know if he is involved enough in the analysis to give me an answer. I think the low-income subsidy would eat heavily into their bottom line.

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