Sales tax increases, various bonds and assessments may actually be in for an uphill battle

8 Jul

Something I’ve worried alot about the last few years is, how our public employees affect our elections. I assumed that most public workers would be pro-tax, and since we have so many of them in Chico and they seem very mobilized, I  was afraid we’d be getting a lot of new taxes and tax increases shoved on us.

I know Tom Lando has been pushing a sales tax increase – I listened to his pitch at a CARD meeting. I also listened as former CARD administrator Jerry Hughes told a group of aquatic center supporters that they should wait for pending legislation that lowers the voting threshold for passing bonds to place their bond initiative on the ballot.

We also have retired public employees like Patrick Newman who are spreading the nonsense that Chicoans don’t pay enough, and that’s why we don’t get any service. Chico police officer and union president Peter Durfee has been saying, cops don’t get paid enough. Over the past year or so I’ve watched Chief Kirk Trostle try one revenue ploy after another, using alcohol related tragedies as a wedge to pass what amounted to local alcohol tax measures, which are illegal in California. He was like a dog, trying one door after another until he could nose his way into the meat locker.

I saw Jerry Brown pass that sales tax increase a couple of years ago, and then I watched as the state admitted, they’d still be cutting college programs, the sales tax increase wasn’t enough. I couldn’t believe people weren’t angry enough to throw that bitch out of office last month, but yeah, like Cronkite said – the general public may actually be too stupid to vote.  

In 2012, I was shocked to see how close Measure J came to passing. My husband keeps telling me, it was a decisive vote, but I keep wondering – how could 14,257 people vote yes on that? The margin wasn’t wide enough for me – only about 2,000 votes. That used to be alot of votes in Chico, back when the city population was 45,000 or so. Now we have about 44,000 registered voters, in a town approaching 90,000 people, who have moved here from everywhere under the sun.  Things can get skewered in one direction, and just keep going.  

So, I must say I was really happy to run into an old co-worker of my husbands, at WalMart, where, you know, ‘murica shops. I like to hear the news, I try to keep it light, no politics. I don’t know exactly how our friend came onto the subject of the “mosquito tax,” but from there, we got fast into a rousing conversation about how CARD and all the other public agencies were trying to get their hands into our wallets to pay their pensions. And, I wasn’t saying anything, I was just standing there waiting for the checker to give me the total. I tried to shut up. I really didn’t have to talk – our friend was saying everything I wanted to say.

Of course, the man behind me, I guess feeling a little left out by our loud camaraderie, launched into  a diatribe about the dog food he was buying by the case. His dog was a little miffed, he announced, at being switched over to chicken, but Hell, it was almost a dollar cheaper a can! 

I detected a hint of, well, kind of discomfort. This guy felt uncomfortable with our conversation, so he was changing the subject. I felt like saying, ” tell your dog chicken is higher in protein,” but I turned to my friend, as I handed my check to the gal at the register, who had already jumped in on the dog food conversation, and I said, very loudly, “Thanks for giving a shit, Brian – it’s good to know SOMEBODY is paying attention.” 

Some people deserve what they get, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us deserve to be dragged down with them. 




6 Responses to “Sales tax increases, various bonds and assessments may actually be in for an uphill battle”

  1. bob July 8, 2014 at 7:47 pm #

    “I saw Jerry Brown pass that sales tax increase a couple of years ago, and then I watched as the state admitted, they’d still be cutting college programs, the sales tax increase wasn’t enough.”

    Well, there’s plenty of money to give state workers raises and cost of living pay increases. Just read about it the other day. Brown’s sales tax increase benefitted the public employees more than anyone else.

    And the little people are going to get slammed when this cap-n-trade BS hits the fan which will start soon in Colliefornia (as Ahnode calls it) thanks to Ahnode Schartzenwhatever, the Demoncrats and Brown.

    And of course the idiotic voters who had a chance to get rid of AB 32 but voted not to.

    These stupid voters vote for the sales tax increase, vote to keep AB 32 and keep voting for people who want to take more of their money.

    It is quite like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

    • Juanita Sumner July 9, 2014 at 4:44 am #

      Quote of the day – “quite like the chickens voting for Colonel Sanders…” Oh yeah, you know I’m going to use that one, thanks Bob.

    • Juanita Sumner July 9, 2014 at 4:43 am #

      you’re a good watchdog Bob, thanks.

      for one thing, I enjoy reading somebody who agrees with me once in a while. Lately I been running up against people like the man who comments under the name “seesaw” – public employees trying to run a denial campaign.

      Sure, I know plenty of public employees who don’t enjoy the huge salaries, perks and benies of their overlords. But, I’m sorry, those people are going to have to turn the other cheek while we excoriate their co-workers. It’s a tick bath folks, get ready to get dipped. I was listening to a conversation in which somebody opined – when the upper management people really start getting laid off, we’re going to see a true Depression. Our economy has become built up around these salaries – the huge homes, the pricey cars, the gourmet grocery prices, the special schools for their larvae, the SERVANTS, etc. All that stuff will go down like a pile of old bricks when we start routing these people and cutting their salaries.

      I love the cartoon on the article. My family isn’t living out of our car yet, but we’ve made some pretty drastic lifestyle changes over the past few years so we would be able to send our kids to college. I do resent these people and their outrageous demands. When that all comes crashing down, we may all be living in shacks, eating what we shoot/trap, pooping in a hole.

      • bob July 9, 2014 at 4:45 pm #

        Well I heard one state, I think it was Michigan, but could be mistaken, just passed a law making it legal to eat road kill. Maybe I move to Michigan then.

        I tell ya, gas is going up again, rent goes up every year where I live and extra this year because of that water/sewer rate increase, allegedly. And my PG&E bill is higher even though I use about the same amount of electricity and gas.

        And wait until this cap-n-trade kicks in. It’s going to raise utility rates and gas and diesel even more. (And that old Brown buzzard is going to squander 250 million of it a year on that bullet train to nowhere. Isn’t bullet train politically incorrect, anyhow?)

        And on top of it all Tommy Lando wants a sales tax???

        F that. Tommy pillaged the taxpayers his whole adult life and wants more. He can go screw himself. I’m not paying any more for his 6 figure pension and healthcare benefits.

      • Juanita Sumner July 10, 2014 at 5:45 am #

        I’m with you. What ever happened to the idea of public officials that looked after the public interest instead of their own?

        I’m afraid to get our next PG&E bill. I’ve turned the stat up to 81, and it runs anyway – it gets almost suffocating in between. We huddle inside during mid-day because it’s almost dangerous to be working outside. I don’t dare open my windows before 10pm, and even then, I’m wondering what I’m letting in – been up the hill lately? Driving down on Hwy 32, you can see that Chico air quality is crap, despite their woodstove ban and all their re-arranging of parking stripes Downtown.

        I’m sorry I been here sitting on my thumbs. I’m trying to stay home this week and get some work done around my own house. My sycamore trees are taking a total shit – they are supposed to grow along the river, and when they don’t get enough water, they shed like crazy. My front driveway looks like Autumn, I been raking, blowing and toting leaves for days now. I love these trees, they usually protect us all Summer, but with that long dry Winter, and now this heat, they’re looking pretty frowsy. It’s a gravel driveway, so if I don’t keep it clean, it will be dirt in the span of a season. So, I rake ’em up and put ’em on a tarp and drag ’em about 100 feet to my mulch pile under a grove of young oak trees in my tenant’s front yard. We don’t participate in the leaf program, even though many of our neighbors bring leaves and other crap from the farther reaches of their lots and plop it out front of their houses, usually good and full of dog crap, to sit for months waiting for leaf pick-up. I find a good foot of leaf mulch will keep weeds down to almost nothing. And the ones that do grow are easier to pull out.

        After a couple of hours of that, in this heat, you could scrape me up with a spatula, stick a fork in my ass, and you will find I am pretty well done for the day. Good for just about nothing but porch sitting and spitting.

        I’m waiting for Summer to blow over and people start thinking politics again. In past I’ve tried to bluster and brow-beat all Summer – Nobody cares. I can’t seem to find this Nobody guy, I know he cares, but he’s very elusive. (Ha ha, Odyssey joke, been doing a little reading…)

        Thanks a lot of caring Bob.

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